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How to teach your children to respect you and other people

Parent and babysitter should teach your baby to understand how to respect parent and other people like babysitter. Parent and babysitter must express or show example to your baby first such as show respect to grand mother, show respect to grand father and many more in order let your baby see how to pay respect to other people which it is important to teaching respect because it will make your baby become a humble person.

Person that understand respect is humble person and if your baby do not understand how to respect other people it will make your baby will refusing to bow to anyone and pride which it is not good because it will effect a lot when your baby grow up and first thing is your baby will not listen to you when they grow up and when you order something they will not listen because your baby will trust only baby itself and won’t listen to other people and sometime also insult other people.

Parent and babysitter that love baby and want your baby to become a good person and to be loved by other people by teaching respect. To teach your baby to respect other people usually come from humble which can do from physical, verbal and mind.

Humble from physical

The way that can express humble from physical is to express everything with politely such as show respect to others, greeting adult and many more.

Humble from verbal

The way that parent and babysitter can teach you baby to humble from verbal is to speak politely and speak from their heart not pretend to speak.

Humble from mind

Humble from mind is come from a good mind such as have mercy, optimistic person and think before do everything.

Teaching respect to your baby is not hard than you think which you can start respect to adult first such as parent, babysitter, brother, sister, cousin and other people and always teach your baby to pay respect other people from verbal, mind and physical. Parent and babysitter should teach your baby to become an optimistic person by let yourself become an example for your baby in order to make your baby follow the thing that you do such as respect to grand father, respect to grand mother and do not speak rude word.

Parent and Babysitter should express a good behave to be a model for your baby and let your baby copy and do like you did. If parent and babysitter always teach your baby not to do but parent or babysitter do which these will result to your baby such as do not believe in everything that you say, do not respect other people and many more so parent and babysitter should become an example for your baby if you want your baby to grow up and become a good person in the future.

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