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How to take a guesswork out of renovating?

Reonvating for Profit

Add Value to your house
Let’s see how to take work out of renovating

Below you will find a smart alternative way which it cheaper prices and have 5 easy way to add value to any property.

1. Find a ways to create natural light

Nothing more than off putting a dim with a gloomy interior. You have to look for ways that bring the light which a big unruly bush outside the living room that’s hogging all the sunlight. You can replace heavy old curtains with some modern micro venetian blinds. You can also add a skytube or skylight to a dark kitchen, bathroom to floor it with light and many more. Check it out for your local council but you do not have require any planning permission for these. At your house you can also buy entry door with frosted glass panels that can let the light pass through the hallway. For tips and tricks which you have to capitalise on every single possible way to bring in natural light.

2. Polish the floorboards

These step is an easy one which you have to daggy carpets or rugs covering to cover your hardwood timer floor. In the case of rip up the carpets and have your floorboards polished. It’s a timeless look that will never date. If you are in an apartment block you must be sure to run the intentions past the strata comittee first as a vare floorboards are not permitted in some block due to acoustic noise issues.

3. A fresh coat of paint

This is a great tips because it’s a no brainer and it’s cheapest and easiest effective way to instantly transform a property that can give a complete fresh look. If your money is tights you can do it yourself. You have to select neutral colours that will lighten brighten and appeal to most buyers. Pick gloss off white for your skirtings and architraves. There’s a simply no other improvement that you can make a property that will deliver the kid of easy return that tasteful paint job.

4. Add some Deck

This is a simple thing that you can do it by yourself at your home and you can do without the need for council approval but you heave to check it first. You can add a deck in a weekend which deck able to create an outdoor room. Many top furniture store can make the products very straightforward these day. A deck turns dead outdoor space into a popular outdoor that become an entertaining area.

5. Reconfigure to add to room

If you are the one that go and talk with agent which they usually tell you to adding a room to add a value but it will be sensible about it. If you have to turn the living area into a shoe box t osteal space for a new room. However, some properties have a spare dining room or other redundant space which it can be quite easily be converted into a bedroom as well. It may just require a false wall and door. You can have a research by using Google and understand more about your layout and see if you can do a clever rework to extract and extra bedroom somewhere.



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