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How to select Scanner Products?

How to select Scanner Products?

Choosing a Scanner Product at professional level must be a scanner with higher resolution because there are a bit different in color in the scan process and scan speed. Paper scans and the film has a size and shape that no too big.

For the frist part that you have to look when you decide to purchase scanner for example CCD Flatbed or CIS Flatbed which these two types of models are different in resolution of the scan image and speed scan. The higher the head scan CIS Flatbed division and the size of the hed scan CCD are thicker and larger than CIS Flatbed Resolution for professional. Resolution is 12000 x 12000 dpi or more. The high resolution will make your result have higher resolution when you scan. After you use your scanner you can adjust the resolution of scanning or using another software program to help which resolution of the program can have up to 9600 dpi.

The follow part is a bit of color in the scan that should be at 48 bit color mode which 48-bit input / 24-bit output the color mode as 16-bit input / 8-bit. For output speed able to preview scan which should be 0.7 seconds or less. Scanning the are usually in A4 size paper capabilities of the scanner to scan image or some text.

The connection between the scanner with your computer are mainly connected via USB which depends opn whether the user’s computer using USB port or USB 1.1 verions which able to transfer data faster. Some model of scanner have a adapter to connect the power to the machine scanner but some models can use the power from the computer directly. One advantage is the user will not need more powe. It has disvantage if power supply of computer is not enough for scanner or some equipment does not work properly.


For user that have limited budget to purchase scanner must select scanner for your need and want. The budget is another option that would be most appropriate for your work. Nowsaday, there are a lot of scanner types such as mobile scanner, pen scanner, mouse scanner, digital pen scanner and many more. In term of overall verions of the same products may have different performance which you have to read their product instruction carefully. When you buy scanner you have to consider the key elements that scanner to the user interest of the version or more and the price is close to a budget that used to compare the different brand name. Scanning technology is well aware that there is a CIS and CCD. If you want to focus on the performance of scanning three dimensional objects, you should select CCD technology is better because CIS system is slightly different. If you focus on the speed and save space convenient storage you should select CIS system because CCD device is quite thick and have more weight more than technology CIS restraint on the number of bits of color should be chosen as the standard is 48-bit color is better.

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