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How to Select Perfect Watch for yourself?

How to Select Perfect Watch for yourself?

First of all, when you want to buy some watch for yourself or someone that speical for you. What is the first things that you look when you decide to buy some watches. Many people may look at a design material because material can show off and make you proud when you wear it. Now let see on how to select watch for both men and women.

How to Choose watches for Men

Men that have small wrist. For a man that have small hands may have problem to find suitable watch with the strap in fit on your hand and you have to cut your watch’s strap before you wear it and some time if you cut too much it can make your watches become imbalance.

Watch for Men that have Small Wrist

Body: You should select small circle, square or oval watch with dial around your watch when you wearing and not too small. Avoid choosing a watch with dial rectangle due to the large size of the body length and it may cover your hand which not good when you wear it.

Color: Color of Watch is depend on your choice. For the recommendation is you should select bright colors because it will make you wrist look bigger.

Watch for Men that have Big Wrist

If you are the one that have large hands which it is not have much problem when you find some watch because you can wear watches almost all types of watch. If we talk about design of watches for Men that have big wrist which you do not have to stick with a design because you are suitable with all model.

Whether you have big or small wrist, it’s important that you like it or not when you decide to purchase some watches because even if it not fit for your look but if you love and like to wear it… so do not care.

How to Choose Watch for Women

For Women that have small wrist which watches that you should ideal is a watches that made from steel or leather strap because you have to cut the strap after purchase and if you cut the line exceeded it will make your watches twisted to one side and not in the center of the wrist. So the most suitable watch for women that have small wrist is bracelets wathces types.

Normally bracelet watch is a standard model that have 3 sizes which are small, medium and large which you have to select your model that fits on your wrist and do not tight too much because your bracelet watch will move on your arm easy. For important thing is you should not select rectangular watches and body size should be long in order to cover area on your wrist which can make your hand smaller. For the color should be cream color because it can help your skin become brighten.

For Women that have big wrist. You can select any watch that you want which is the advantage for women that have big wrist because no matter you wear big or small watches it will suitable for you. Especially rectangle types of watches. It will make your wrist look slender and have natural beauty.

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