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How to prepare the surface beforehand of painting

Painting is the easy part
How to prepare the surface beforehand of painting

Painting is as much about the surface preparation as it is the application knowing how large your surface area is, The colour that you want in order to ensuring you have all the necessary tools to do the job is a part of the painting process which a lot of people will forget about these process.

Before you going to the paint shop you have to begin to collect colour cues wheather the colour that you want come from magazine, pieces of fabric, from internet, from photos that display colour that you like. You do not have to give yourself too much selection or choice because you will confuse about mix and match your colour at the end and all of your colour will never turns out well. Once you have your colour, now you can go to paint shop and match them to one of the colour cards of a quality paint company for example Dulux, Paint Place, Haymes, Porter’s Paints and many more. These company is a specialist in doing colour for your place which can mix you up some sample pots.

For important step that you should be placed on using high quality paint as this will affect the application look and feel of your surface and its durability. For a tips of using colour is to pick and choose low VOC (volatile organic compound) because is have a lot of beneficial to our environment and less chemicals cause degradation to our ozone layer as well as you family’s health. A quick way to know if the paint has high VOC or not can test by the smell. If it have overwhelming new paint smell and if you need to wash your brush in turpentine to get all the paint out which most probably high in volatile organic compounds.

When you order sample pot you must assure that you have get your tools like a list below:

  • Filler and a Blade for fixing any holes or gaps
  • Sandpaper and sanding block for make your wall smooth and able to clean the surface
  • Paint Stirrer
  • Drop Sheets
  • Dust mask when you are sanding
  • Udercoat
  • Safety goggles to wear when you are painting
  • Cutting in Brush, wall and sample pot
  • Low Track masking tape for creating sharp painted edges
  • Sugar soap for washing any mark off the walls

If you have all items that mention above so you can start painting your wall now

Another great idea and tips is not to paint your sample colours straight on your wall. You have to paint at least 1m piece of carboard or artist’s canvas so that you can cover a large surface area and you can move them around the room as you wish. However if you do not have these available, simply make sure you paint a large sample of each colour on the wall to get a better idea of its effect.

After you have prepped your wall and applied the undercoat then you are ready to rock on your wall.

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