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How to Pour Over Coffee Drip Brewing

Below you will see a great tips for Coffee Drip

How to brew Step1:

Fold the paper filter along the seams and place inside the cone. Add coffee grounds for your required serving and shake it lightly to level. One Spoon 12 g.

How to brew Step2:

Pour Hot Water slowly to moisten the grounds from the center outward, while moving in a circular pattern. Wait for about 30 second.

How to brew Step3:

Slowly start adding more water using the same speed and swirling motion as before, making sure the water does not come into direct contact with the paper filter. Brewing time should be within 3 minutes.


Precautions of Microwave oven use

  • The water may suddenly boil over when heated too quickly (bumping, explosive boil)
  • Do not place hands or face near the glass when removing from the microwave oven
  • Please wipe water off the exterior before microwaving
  • Do nnot touch with bare hands place use oven mitten when carrying. Do not place on top of plastic table cloths or any other non heat resistant surfaces. Please use a pot holder when placing down on a surface.
  • Handling precaution
  • Do not use with any other heating equipment other than a mircrowave oven
  • Handle the glassware with the utmost care
  • Do not let children use it. Keep it away and out of reach from children


Refrain from using cracked, chipped or highly scratched glass since it may break unexpectly.

  • Do not use a metal spoon inside the glass bowl. It my breakage
  • Do not touch the glass pot directly with a wet cloth or place on a wet surface while the glass is hot. The sudden change in temprature may cause breakage.
  • Be careful when handling chipped or broken glass parts.



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