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How to make Sweet Potato

Tips and Tricks to make sweet Potato
How to make Sweet Potato
There are a lot of way to cook sweet potato for example boiling, baking, grillins and many more and what’s the best way to bring out its sweetness?

The best way to bring out sweetness potato is to bake the sweet potato which the skin on. The retains all the flavors and nutrients and the sweetness of the sweet potato concentrates when baking.


What’s you tips for boiling sweet potatos?

For a tips of boiling the sweet potatoes that can make your potatoes become the most delicious is adding some butter and herbs to the water such as add garlic, butter and thyme. These will create a touch of flavor without masking the true flavor of the sweet potato. If you are grilling it you can do from the raw or better still to par boil with butter, thyme and garlic then finish off on the grill so it won’t burn easily.


How do normally eat the sweet potato?

If you love sweet potato fries you may like great snack especially with truffle which it really roasted in the oven with nice salad plus healthy way to enjoy them.


What’s great about it in dishes?
Sweet photoes able to give a different dimension to any dish. If you full up and surprisingly have more carbohydrates than a normal potato but used as a supplement to fish or chicken which sweet potato can add a little sweet edge to counter balance a dish instead of adding fruit.


How do you pick Good Sweet Potato?
The way to pick sweet potato is to pick a small to medium sized with nice shiny skin. You must make sure that there are no white strings attached either as the means they are over matured and will be tough. The sweet potato should also be quite firm with no sings of bruising.


What are the different in flavour of each sweet potato color


There are a lot of types of sweet potatoes whihc all with their different taste and uses. The white variety is much more crumbly in texture and slightly less sweet than the orange one. The Japanese sweet potato tends to be more creamy than the rest. The taste of purple sweet potato is more inclined to your usual conventional sweet potato but the purple variety has a better nutritional content that is commonly used as an antioxidant.


How to Boil Sweet Potato?

In order to boil sweet potato you must put their skin on so the sweetness is retained. After you remove them from the pot, scrap the skin off with a butter knife and slice it up to use in a salad.
How to Boil Sweet Potato

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