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How to make a fizzy drink hydroponic planter?

Below you will see a great tips to make drink hydroponic planter

It’s very simple project that you can do by yourself and it’s a perfect for the kids on a rainy weekend. The system doesn’t use any power and is small enough to sit on any windowsill or bench. It doesn’t require any specialised or expensive equipment or tools. It could easily grow herbs, flowers or small begetables. Making one could be good way of finding out if you like hydroponic gardening before you build or buy a larger syste,. Choose a small plant or herb as anything larger will topple the bottle over. For the step to make drink hydroponic planters is mention below.

1. Wash bottle with clean and warm soapy water
2. Measure 10 cm down from the neck and of botle and mark evenly around the circumference of the bottle with pen
3. Cut the bottle in two at this mark with the stanley knife
4. Cover the cut edges in tape
5. Invert the top section of the bottle and insert it into the base
6. Insert the four straws in two groups either side of the bottle and between the two sections. The straw ends should reach inside the bottle nearly to the base
7. Place a large pebble or stone as a bung in the neck of the funnel
8. Fill the top funnel part of the bottle with hydroton, purnice or gravel
9. Carefully wash any trace of soil from the plant’s roots and then carefully plant it into the stones, coaxing the roots down towards the necks
10. Following the dilution instructions on the bottle fill the base with nutrient solution so it reaches the neck of the top section
11. Twice a day blow into the straws. The oxgenates the nutrient solution and ensures that moisture is reaching the root hairs
12. Soon the roots of the plant will grow down the inverted neck and sit in the solution top up solution as required.

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