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How to install a low flow shower?

Below you will see a tips to install a low flow shower

Install a low flow shower is very easy

A low flow fitting inside your shower is simple to install and saves water and electricity without compromising comfort. Hpw showers account for quarter of the water used in the average home and up to a third of energy so the bathroom is great area to target for savings. Main pressure shower typically use 12 up to 15 litres of water each mintue so even a short shower can use a lot of water and most of it hot if you are upgrading it make sense to buy water effcient shower heads. First check out the water rating label and it looks like the nergy label that you see on fridges but has blue stars instead of red then go for a minium of 3 stars but 4 is better.

However if you don’t need to replace your existing fittings you have another option by installing a cheap device that restricts the flow these mean you get much the same experience in the shower, yet use much less water.

Step1: Check the flow rate on your shower and taps by running it into a bucket or measuring jug for 10 seconds. If there’s more than 2 litres you have a wasteful fitting.

Step2: Check whether the hot water cylinder is mains or low pressure. Low pressure cylinders are generally copper high pressure will be steel if it’s low there should not be a need to change the showers and taps they’re already water efficient and you should be careful not to install anything to change the hot water flow in a low pressure system as it could damage the cylinder.

Step3: You can reduce shower water by using third or more by installing an inexpensive shower flow restrictor. Just unscrew the hose or fixed showerhead from the wall and insert the restrictor but make sure that it’s the right way around. Check instructions as various products differ.

Step4: For your kitchen and bathroom mixers you can install a flow reducing aerator. Unscrew the old mixer aerator and replace with the new flow reducing one. Some kitchen mixer areators come with a handy swivel mount and a push pull system to change from a stream to a spray position great for rinsing plates.

Shower or Bath?

A five minute shower used a lot less water than a bath. But if you want a long relaxing soak then a bath is more effcient than a half hour shower.

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