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How to deal with Naughty Napping

Below you will see a great tips on how to deal with naughty napping

So what if you have a horse who naps rather than spooks? Why does he do this and how can you prevent it? There are two circumstantces in which a horse will nap. Either he is worried about where he is going so he refuses to go forward or he is thinking about wanting to go back to where he has come from. Both of these situation indicate a lack of trust and respect for you as a rider as your horse is not willing to take on new challenges or is seeking comfort by wanting to return to familiar surroundings. For the best way to resolve napping is to recognise the signs and nip it in the bud before it becomes too ingrained. It starts with increasing the level of trust and respect between you and your horse. There are two main areas that you can work on to achieve this. Being able to move his hindquarters left and right and making sure that your cues for him to go forward are clear abnd that hee responds immediately to them.

The control of your horse’s hindquarters is necessary for you to be able to realign him should he drop his shoulder and try to nap home. By disengaging his hind end so you can added benefit to taking away his power because when he’s crossing his hindlegs and pivoting around his inside foreleg, he can not spin or run away.

By making sure that he respond immediately to your cue to move forwards, you will not have to nag him or give him the opportunity to think about napping. The key to this is to ask him to move forward with a gentle squeeze, give him a second or two to respond and if he does not, reinforce your request by tapping him with a whip behind the girth. Be prepared to tap as softly as possbile but as hard as necessary to get a response. When you horse moves forward, stop asking and give him some time to realise he’s done the right thing. If you are consistent with this, your horse will soon move off your leg without having to use the whip at all because that option will be far easier for him.

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