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How to deal with cliquey?

Still cliquey after all years?

Adult cliques are everywhere and while these grown up grouping usually are not as curel as younger lterations, they can still leave people feeling hurt. Here are three ways to deal the tendency.

Make small talk: If you sit with the same moms at every soccer game you may send the message that you are not interested in getting to know other parents whether or not that’s true. So why not invite someone on the bleaches below into a conversation? Offer a casual opening like “I don’t know.” What do you think?, Wendy? or strike up a conversation after the game in the parking lot. It will be quick and painless.

Be thoughtful: You don’t have to be best buds with every woman in the office but you do have to be nice. If you go on a latte run consider bringing back a drink for a coworker who’s out of your circle.

Resist Gossip: It’s hurtful to the targeted party and it also reflects negatively on you. Gossip often to leaves a residue of doubt, uncertainty and insecurity. The next you you are tempted to gossip, imagine your child sitting next to you and think of the example you would like to set.


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