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How to created spacious Scandi Style at your place

Let’s see 5 Tips to create Scandi Style at your place
How to created spacious Scandi Style at your place

1. Making Change: You have to decide to rework the layout of you hallways because of the part of major building work of your house. You can get rid downstairs that leading off the hallway and knock down the diving wall. So it’s a simple change with the space will feels bigger and more open space and you can also have a door either side of the staircase.

2. Storage Solutions: You can measure sideboard that have size large enough to hide all the clutter that seems to accumulate in your space. If you decide to keep the top and base bare wood and paint the rest. You can also add quirky striped knobs for interest. You can find bench with storage baskets.

3. Getting the basic right: If you decide to paint your new plastered wall and ceiling which you should select white shade becasue of contemporary look reason. This kind of shade able to enhances spacious feeling. For another thing that you have to focus is flooring which you should go for oak planks because it will run throughout most of the ground floor. Oak floor is easy to clean and hides everyday dust and dirt as well.

4. Accessories Time: Accessories for home decor is a thing that most of women love to purchase because it’s cut and also make your home become a new look. The shade of ceiling light able to use grey pattern to tie with the sideboard that mention above.

5. Floor Showing: You can also find many inspiration from internet or grom magazine. Most of great home decor on floor usually have rug with bound edges. You can use these idea for your perfect hallway. There are a lot of famous rug company that provide high quality of rug for your place. Some store able to make sisal & seagrass with a exact size that you want. One more thing about adding carpet to your place which you must clean it every week if not it will be a thing that keep dust and dirt at your place.

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