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How to Communication with your Children

Many parent and babysitter nowadays may lack on ability to communicate with your children and will not success when communicate with your children which it is very important to learn how to communicate with your children in the right way because it will make your children listen to you and you can also control your children when they grow up. Parent and babysitter able to start to communicate with your baby when they were young which start at 1 years or below because your children will remember your voice. During your baby age between 1 years or below they can not speak but your children can express their feeling, need, want from their action which it is very important for babysitter and parent observed your baby such as when your baby cry then parent and babysitter must understand immediately what your baby want.

When your baby grow up until they can speak which it is natural for every children that they will learn how to speak and some children can speak very fast but some children may not speak which it depend on the environment because some children like society and some don’t. No matter your children can speak fast or slow, parent and babysitter must help your children to develop your children speaking.

Parent and Babysitter should teach your children how to speak from experience because children brain is like a computer that have many program that ready to open but it waiting someone to open and put the information into it. Parent and babysitter may find some book and picture to practice when speak with your baby. If parent and babysitter have a chance to take your children to visit zoo and you must not forget to take a picture when you see an animal because when you come back you can use those picture to teach your children and these can make your children learn from their experience which it make your children develop their language.

When babysitter or parent speak to your children you must look into your children’s eyes because your children need your attention to help them understand the thing that you want your children to understand even your children do not understand language.

Parent and babysitter should teach you children on how to speak from their experience, picture, TV, Computer and etc even your children can not speak at that time with a simple word such as eat, bath, candy, hungry and etc which you must repeat the word that you want to teach your children. Parent and babysitter must make your children to enjoy their learning because when you make your children enjoy when they learn it will help your children learn faster.

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