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How to Build Better Soil Tips and Tricks

How to build better soil with Free Organic Fertilizer?


Some people recognize the many benefits of organic gardening methods, a fresh crop of organic fertilizer is sprouting on store shelves. Many are overpriced and some are stunning rip offs that reputable stores and catakigs should be ashamed to sell. The really amazing things is that two of the best organic fertilizers are easily available to most of us which absolutely free. Here how to avoid scams and find the best buys for a healthy and bountiful harvest.

The best free fertilizres


Producst labeled as fertilizer must be labeled with their content of the three major plant nutrients, nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. Most organic fertilizer are bulkier than synthetic chemical products so their NPK percentages are typically lower than those of synthetic products and their application rate are higher. Also because organic products are biologically active. Because of this it can be hard for producer to comply with the labeling law. As a result some excellent organic fertilizer options such as compost are often not even labeled as a fertilizer. One of the best free fertilizers grass clippings breaks down so quickly that it can not be bagged and sold.

But make no mistake, compost and grass clipping do what fertilizer are supposed to do. They enrich the soil with nutrients that plants and microscopic soil life forms are eager to use. In most areas, you can easily collect bagged grass clippings from your neighborhood that are set out and ready to pick up. And many communities make commercial compost from collected yard waste.

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