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How to add colour and personality to your home?

Below you will see a few tips and ideas to add colour for your home

How to add colour and personality to your home

No one say that you should use neutral colours in a small space. A few ideas that will make you change your through about using colour at your place.

1. Colour of rainbow: Most of you may be caution when it come to playing with bright colour which using colour has a massive influence on your psyche. It’s a complex and dynamic science. If you have blue living room that featured in an overseas which you will got a lot of amazing feeling from it. Another occasion that you can use a massive barn door by using a front door at guest house and made a big impression for your guest. White is a safe colour but it does not mean that you have to paint everything white all the time. Although your home is in face white inside but the enclosed stoep presented the ideal place to play with colour as it creates a warm and cosy atmosphere in winter along with the rustic fireplace. Colourable to added outside and white shade are not an option for the boundary wall as it tends to be blinding when it reflect the sun. On the other hand using pinks colour is work perfectly.

2. Warm and Inviting: In a small house which it is very important to create as much as space that you can do. It would usually be used in summer and on warm winter days is now a second entertaining area. For the glass doors and windows that you can used to enclose the space.

3. Furniture  that work: The best advice when it comes to a small lounges is to furnish with the biggest sofa as possiable. Only slipcovers is a massive 2.5m in length and yet it work perfectly. Not only offer ample seating for three people but it also defines the various spaces and separates the lounge area from the rest. But you have to measure and measure again before you but. If you are buying L-shape corner unit which it especially important to not just measure the L Shaoe but the entire square the couch will take up including space for the coffee table and leg room.

4. Play with art: What will make your house interesting? The answer is very simple because of unique collectio of art and keepsakes from your travels. As well ass a good dose of playfulness. You have to beleve that you should not take yourself too seriously. It’s very sad if you have nothing in your house that will make you smile. But a little somthing whenever you travel and every time you look at it you will remember the good times.

5. Develop your style: If you are unsure which style that you would like to establish in your home which you can begin by purchasing furniture and accessories the area or typical of the region that you are living in. Using mix and match old with new combining a comfortable new sofa with antique pieces may be a good idea for you. Another ideas by buying area rugs in order to hides on the floor which it soft under food and add texture and colour. It’s super international and you will find this lookf from many place.


6. Dreamy bedrooms: Bedroom are tranquil space which you can add interest with textural element. You can definitely add depth to your life and that why many people love buying thing wherever they go. You can spotted the poster against the wall in one of your bedroom. Even the small bathroom in your bedroom you can features various of interesting elements such as the wall panels or adding mounthed with stripes. You should always put something interesting in your bathroom.

7. Take it outside: When you do not have anymore space inside and it time to take it outside to the garden. Most of people love entertain outdoors which it can add many things outside your home.

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