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How smart is your home?

Some tips that you can read to apply for your home

How smart is your home

Hotpoint has carried out some research into how we view our home appliances, and as part of this they asked what items in the home we felt had changed our lives. Interestingly the top five responses were listed as broadband, the internet, washing machines, email and the fridge. Yet despite such a heavy focus on technology, a fifth of those questioned were still more interested in how their appliances looked rather than what they could do. To encourage us to make the most of the advances in technology used in domestic appliances, Hotpoint want to challenge us to consider how “smart” our homes are and help change them for the better with help from The Gadget that show to raise awareness of how the latest technology can make homes smarter and more efficient.

Budget better for your bill

A survey has brought to light the fact that half of us have multiple incomes being credited to our current account each month. As these varying amounts are often paid in at different times it can make budgeting and staying on top of numbers tricky. Especially when paying for bigger outgoings, such as the mortgage, which might be larger than any one individual income. One solution to this situation is to open a second account, which all your direct debits and standing orders for bills come out of. Alternatively, the Thinkmoney personal account, for which charges apply, is designed specifically for this purpose allowing you to ring-fence the correct amount for bills each month.

One person’s rubbish

It would seem that the high price for scrap metal has driven a significant rise in the number of scrap metal merchants pestering builders and residents.In recycling and waste disposal for businesses, is aiming to raise awareness of. While most collectors work reasonably ethically there are a number that are making a nuisance of themselves, with builders reporting constant intrusions onto building sites, without the required safety equipment, and homeowners getting annoyed with constant calls to the door. More concerning, is the significant number who’ve had scrap metal stolen, with 39% of construction workers and tradesmen stating they’ve had scrap metal removed without their permission.

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