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How many types of Batteries?

How many types of Batteries?

Batteries is a thing that keep energy and give power for you to use. Everyone would be know about batteries that used in our ordinary life but there are some type of batteries that have expensive price more than ordinary batteries. Have you ever see the advertisement about batteries that can use longer than 2 time from ordinary batteries and these why some electronic device required these specific batteries. Below these article you will see through the various types of batteries and can make you understand more about batteries in our world and also allow you to know a battery to suit each individual job at a reasonable price.

First of all, we can also call batteries in another word is battery cell which is a battery power is significant. The cells have been used for each cell of the four dimensions that we usually see. Although there are many different cells which each manufacturer will produce cell different type of cell from two to three dimension or more which these cell separated into various sizes in AAA Size, AA Size and D respectively.

Carbon Zinc Cells – Carbon Zinc Cells is conventional batteries which can used as a carbon anode which cover with ammonium chloride. For the outer will coating with zinc which is negative. When the chemical reaction occurs will provide electrons and transforming chemical energy directly into electrical energy. However, Carbon Zinc Batteries in the first generation unable to recharge.

Disposable Alkaline Cells – Disposable Alkaline Cells is an Alkaline Batteries that have a disposable which very popular in 1958 because it can provide more power than traditional batteries but in a recent years we are concern more about environmental problem and result from the batteries Disposable Alkaline because these types of batteries contain toxic waste problem worldwide. Therefore, many manufacturer have been trying to develop more alkaline battery that no harmful to the environment. Nowadays the amount of active charcoal alkaline are also caused problem with toxic waste to the world for example in America that have batteries alkaline amount to 2 billion pieces per year which is the major disadvantage of charcoal alkaline disposable.

Rechargeable Alkaline Batteries – Rechargeable Alkaline Batteries have energy around 1.5 volt but when you recharge Rechargeable Alkaline Batteries will make performance of batteries reduced in each time that you charge. When you charge around ten times the performance will be reduced to 40%. So for the recommendation about Rechargeable Alkaline Batteries that you should recharge the battery regularly and do not let the battery run out.

Lithium Battery – Lithium Battery start used first in Head Flashlight and it is very expensive which cost you around 20 dollar but the quality of Lithium Battery is last for very long use and can be used in very cold weather due to the sulfur dioxide component. Lithium Battery are not allow to put in a suitcase and can not load to air plane. Nowadays the manufacturer has developed Lithium Battery types into a Lithium O’Neill Chloride which can work with low power electrical devices such as Lamps, LED (Light Emitting Diode). Lithium Battery are also produce in AA Type Batteries and have price around 9 up to 11 dollar.

Batteries Comparison Chart

Batteries Comparison ChartAlkalineAlkaline RechargeLithiumNicadNi-MH
Self-discharge rate0.2 % 0.2 %> 0.1 % 20+%20+%
Useful shelf life5 years5 years10 years short short
Number of cycle1 8-251 50-500+ 50-500+
Cost per cycleHighAverageVery HighLowLow
Memory effectN.ANoN.AHighLow
Disposal hazardLowLowLowVery HighLow
Weight (gram)
AAA9 g 9 g N.A25 g 9 g
AA24 g 22 g14 g 24 g 25 g
C70 g 63 g N.A75 g 75 g
Capacity (mAh2)
Initial ChartYesYesYesNoNo

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