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How FanDuel Work?

How FanDuel Work?


FanDuel offer one day Fantasy Sports Leagues for money with no season lock commitment and immediate cash payouts. There are more than 12,000 leagues in every single day from $1 up to $1000 and above for entry fees. You can also create private leagues by yourself.

One you choose a leagues like picture below
Choose a leagues at FanDuel

After that it’s time to draft a players which you can select a players that you want on your left hand side but you have to stay on your money salary like picture below (You can add your team anytime before that day’s game start)
How to pick your team at Fanduel

Once the game start and your league begin and you can track your team score and rank at real time anywhere and anytime as soon as the game end
Example of FanDuel Game when start

When the contest is over and if you are the winner of the league, you will get cash payout immediately to your account and you can withdraw your cash where ever you want via papal and how much you win which all depend on the size of your league with many league with multiple winner. There are thousand of open league winner for you to enter in everyday. You can join once a day and start get paid out. There are $10 million paid out every week of football season.
Join Fanduel Today and get paid

At FanDuel website you can get your cash back with their exclusive promotion with 30% cash back in your pocket from your first deposit at FanDuel website by apply FanDuel Promo Code during you sign up at FanDuel website.

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