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How do you decide the right stain color for your home?

Below you will see a great tips for shade aid

How do you decide the right stain color for your home. It depends on the look you’re trying to achieve. Check out these options when pondering the perfect hue to complement your timber home.

Natural Beauty: Owner of wood homes love to show off the natural grain of their timber. The visual appearance of texture, knots, linear ticking in the wood. All the natural organic aspects is popular. This is especially appropriate in homes with rustic decor. Get the look by using transparent or light stains or a clear oil.

In a pickle: Popular in coastal settings pickling imparts an airy, serene flavor that suitable in both contemporary and casual homes. Particularly in decorating themes that focus on water. Us light, whitish stains or paint washes to achieve this effect.

Combo Platter: Two toning that using two different stains in the same room work best when the larger surfaces are the lighter shade so your accent pieces are the darker of the two colors. For example honey colored beams will complement picked wall. Other trend include combining natural cherry and maple stains, or accenting light stained cherry with an organic stain in the green, amber or orange families. This look is most fitting with eclectic style decors.

The Dark Side: Traditionalists often lean toward dark colored beams a look that reminiscent of oid english and europear interiors. Keep in mind that dark colors can be great for the look you want to creat but they can be difficult to change later on. Furthermore, if your home is small, dark beams may make it feel even smaller.



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