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Hong Kong’s Leader to Protester

Hong Kong's Protester
There is not any surprise here in Hong Kong when their leader come out and say to the protester with the real major issues of aging as well no one would believe this is the legality of this protest. There are a thousands of demonstrators for the police to crackdown in Hong Kong. All protesters had masks, goggles, plastic raincoat and many more in order to protect tear gas. Many people may ask that did Hong Kong police overreact? because their officers fired tear gas and pepper spray at the protester with at least 56 people have been injured in this action. These demonstrations began effect people who live in China and make China censor everything like a open a great firewall to censor all social media like facebook, twitter, instragram and youtube. The leader in China said that ” China will now back down from its position on Hong Kong. China will not compromise for any illegal issue of some people which base on the basic law which mead that all decision is based on the basic law only.

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