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Home Renovation for Space Alterations Tips

Space Alterations for Home Improvement

Space Alterations for Home Improvement

Home’s Renovation can make the best typical old flat layout and able to turned it into an open with flexible and space

Many top interior desinger have come up with a perfect idea of concrete screed floors for apartment. People do not realise that concrete floors can feel powdery and it usually result in crack lines. After some education from homeowner for went with concrete look hoogenous tiles instead and game the freedom to design the rest of the flat. People want clean and speacious design.  Below you will see 3 evergreen design concept pertinent to small spaces.


1. Kock Down: The first order of the day was to remove as many walls as possible by opening up the kitchen and bedrooms which visitors are now greeted with a view of the entire home at the door. These will create paramount that private areas of the home be made bigger than in the orginal layout and now you home is one fluid space with natural light that can touching all corners. At your home, you can also not decide to install a ceiling to conceal the electrical trunking if you do not want to further compromise on ceiling height.


2. Keep your option always open: With your walls pulled down, one of the former bedroom is so cosy living room. The floor to ceiling cabinets can run along one of its walls flow into the adjoining open concept bedroom which can merges seamlessly with the living area. These can help of the living room blackout curtains. Sofa Bed and Height Adjustable coffee table. The space can be transformed into a simple guest room. Bedroom can be replaced with a glass one which can help contains the air conditioning and also maintain the room’s openness.


3. Same but different: A consistent can look essential in pulling off a professional look by open plan space. You can kept the finishes and furnituire pieces to a palette of greys, black and walnut. For example you can choose the same wood with laminate series for a doors that build in wardrobe but you can using the different shades. Everything can be keep to matte look which includes the tiles which were used throughtout the whole house which including bathroom. Mout of furniture have been pick with hand picked which come from the sense of design is manifested in the form of vintage that can inspired design found peppered around the house. For example of mid century, modern dining set and old school glass that dislay cabinet from.


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