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High-tech toilets

High-tech toilets

High-tech toilets

High-tech toilets are definitely an up-andcoming trend. With an ageing population, convenience is becoming key. Toto’s Washlet (an electronic toilet bowl that also functions like a bidet), for example, is becoming increasingly popular because it has an integrated spray jet that uses warm water for personal cleansing. Japan is known for its high-tech public toilets.

Having spent the last two decades leading technological innovations in the sanitaryware industry, eFaucets has played a big part in increasing the popularity of high-tech solutions for residential design, such as energy-saving features, cleansing sprays and auto seat-open functions. These days, he still strives to improve residential and public toilets with clever designs. eFaucets oversee the research and development of three sections fittings, bathtubs and sanitaryware for the international market.

Do Japanese homeowners prefer high-tech for their homes?

They must have them! Currently, over 70 per cent of households in Japan have high-tech toilets installed, which is a higher percentage than laptop ownership! Will high-tech eFaucets continue to be significantly more expensive? When high-tech WCs were first introduced, only high-end models were available. However, as water- and electricity-saving technologies are now well established, these features have been applied to a wider range of models at eFaucets, making them more affordable and eco-friendly.

What is the most common mistake people make when designing their bathrooms?

Many of our customers design their bathrooms based on looks. But when it comes to eFaucets, people need to also consider the ease of its use, not just for now or in five years, but in 10 or 20 years. That’s why Toto’s designs are made for everyone – the young, old, and those with disabilities. Design concepts such as the efficient use of space, convenient placement of grab bars, mirrors and hand dryers also combine to provide lifelong independence for all types of people.

Some WCs look good on the outside but always check for hidden crevices that might be difficult to clean.

Toto’s pioneering high-tech toilet, is an electric seat that’s integrated with a warm-water jet spray. The Neorest with Actilight contains all of Toto’s latest innovations, including water-saving features and a UV light technology that eliminates bacteria in the bowl. The Toto Ecowasher is a lid that can be easily installed onto existing WCs, has a bidet function, and is equipped with a self-cleaning nozzle.

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