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Updated HGH.com Coupon Code Lists


1. Coupon: 20PCTOFF: Save 20% Off at HGH.com (NEW)

2. Coupon: EARLYRES: Save 20% Off on all order (NEW)

3. Coupon: SPRAY: Save 15% Off on all order (NEW)

4. Coupon: ANA-GH: Save 15% Off on ANA-GH (NEW)

5. Coupon: FREESHIPPING: Get Free Shipping on all order (NEW)

6. Coupon: HGHTENOFF: Save 10% Off on Super Foods Supplements (NEW)

7. Coupon: HGHTENOFF: Save 10% Off on Anti-Aging Supplements (NEW)

8. Coupon: HGHTENOFF: Save 10% Off Weight and Fat Loss Supplements (NEW)

9. Coupon: HGHTENOFF: Save 10% Off on Growth Factor Plus Supplements (NEW)

10. Coupon: HGHTENOFF: Save 10% Off on Sexual Enhancement Supplements (NEW)

11. Coupon: HGHTENOFF: Save 10% Off Blossom Breast Enhancement (NEW)

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About HGH.com

HGH.com is a place that you can shop a variety of Health Supplement Supply at best price on the internet. When you visit HGH.com you will find their products that separate into categories Testosterone Plus, Roid X, Somatropinne HGH, Dekka, Ana-GH, Bulk Mass Gainers, HGH Supplements, Increase Endurance, Lean Mass Gainers, Muscle Growth, Muscle Building, Stacks, Added Testosterone, Cutting, Fat Burning, Immune System, Increase Energy, Increase Metabolism, Increased Appetite, Increase Strength, Joint Support, Mass Gain, Muscle Growth, Muscle Recovery, Shaping Abs, Weight Gain and many more Health Care Supply products for you to shop. For Shopping tips from HGH.com that can save more money for you by apply HGH.com Coupon after you finish adding your select items into your shopping cart and during your checkout step you will see a box to enter HGH.com Coupon which can save your money 15% up to 20% Off from your current order price. At HGH.com you can also enjoy received free shipping on all order by apply HGH.com Free Shipping Code at your checkout. If you have any question about order products from HGH.com website which you can contact their customer support directly at 1+888-399-5993 or you can have live chat support at their website.

Do you know when to use how or cold pack
Do you know when to use how or cold pack?

Hot and Cold bag is one way in first aid to relieve pain or inflammation. The pain caused by the illness, fever, injured during sports and many more which can be run from fall, headache, head impact injuries, lesions from various parts of your body. In order to use heat or cool bag has to be considered from initial injury acute which you should use cool bag because cold can cause the blood vessels to contract and these will make your blood bleed less and reduce swelling. On the other hand if the pain is absent long or chronic symptoms which symptoms or pain that associated with muscle tension that can cause blood vessels to expand which you should use hot bag because hot bag can help improved blood circulation, reducing muscle pain and stiffness.

Cold Pack

If you have pain or injury you should use cold bag immediately (within 24-48 hours) for 20 up to 30 minutes and you should use cold bag for 2-3 times per day. For injury that you should use cold bag such as headache, fever, toothache, pain and swelling, sprained ankle pain, swelling nosebleeds or result from an injury from new symptom.

You can also use cold gel pack or ice bag that you can make it by yourself. For ice bag, you can do it by using plastic bag and add enough ice water to mix half into the bag and make sure that your cold bag is not too cold for your skin. If the symptoms are the hands, arm, legs, or feet may be immersed in a container of cold water instead of using cold bag.

Hot Pack

Hot Pack should used after 48 hours have passed to compress time from 15 upt o20 minutes from 2 up to 3 time per day in order to reduce pain and relax muscles. For the symptoms that should use hot pack is pain, stiffness, neck, shoulder, back, calf muscle pain and many more. You can also put hot water in a bottle for alternative option or you can use towel and dampened with hot water. The temperature of hot pack should not exceed 45 degrees Celsius. It’s very important to take a look with temperature not to be excessive heat because it can burning your skin. Do not use hot pack on your body too long or too frequently and do not use hot pack to compress on the open wound and bleeding because the inflammation may increase.

6 Ways to buy Vitamin that worth your money

If you want to eat vitamin and do not know how to start and want to know not to be deceived by choose wisely and do not pay more than the value. Money is rare and it’s hard to find if you do not know how to spend it wisely. But no matter how easy or difficult to find money, it can not buy good health. A wise people rather than seeking out a a very health instead of exchange money to pay the doctor by take time to share the money to their good health care such as vitamin, exercise and many more. Especially the selection of vitamin supplements is very importatnt to the body. It’s confusing for consumer to choose the right vitamins for purchase. Healthy business growth very fast in very company by falsely claims their products.

How to select vitamin to provide the most value and produce beneficial to our health?

1. Deeper Requirements Explicitly. Before you go to vitamin stores or buying vitamin supplement. You must know the needs of yourself first. What vitamin that you want to eat and what the result that you want from vitamin. For example Food Supplement for old people is suggested on calcium supplements such as eating in a group of osteoporosis, older women, elderly or people who are afraid of skin diseases.

2. Homework by asking the expert vitamins from the vitamin that you going to you and the answer that you received from seller muse can explain very well in order to make you trust on their product. Ask a pharmacist or pharmacy owner for a drug store.

Note: Information from website are also important. Because there are many website that have information about vitamins. Some website would be served well to vitamin.

3. Choose Product with the certification. Every brand claims that their product are excellent noble. But we can not rely only good thing from other people’s mouths. In United State, NSF called to say how good of the product are free from contamination.

4. Understand components. Do not select vitamin from the price especially cheap vitamin. The price of vitamin are also different between vitamin brand name. We have to have the knowledge to choose Vitamin. Because some vitamin able to absorption quickly and more efficiently so the price is much more expensive.

5. Pay wise. Do not choose the cheapest vitamin and vitamin that you do not know. The most obvious example is Omega 3 Fish oil that have different price from 15 up to 20 times from different brands. You may have a residue of plus or contaminants that come with vitamins or some absorption to be inefficient.

6. Do not follow the flow. Wherever in the world it is no different. For example few years ago there are a flows of seaweed supplement tablets that is very popular with many manufacturers that saw an opportunity to product a wide variety of different brands. After the news of lead residues in algae as a raw materiel used to make supplements and it’s make people stopped taking about it.

5 Ways to Build Muscle

3 Hours in the gym? if you play and focus on weight training and not focus on legs, arms and back or play cardio too much and do not rest enough. This is a wrong way to develop your muscle. Now let see the solution to solve your building body problem. Below will guide you to the right direction.

Before you start reading useful article below you must know the nature of muscle and the way that it grew. Muscles grow after you lift a heavy weight. Your muscle need to rest and refresh themselves because when you do weight lifting your muscles will working hard and sometime your muscle will tearing. Your body needs to rest in order to repair and adding muscle instead. Below you will see some tips to make you understand more and able to develop your muscles to become bigger like you want.

First : your must know your structure of your body

This is the most important thing to help you organize your exercise program with your trainer or by yourself. Diet Program can help in these step and below you will see 3 type of diet program that suit for your body.

  • Ectomorph (Slim)
  • Mesomorph (Normal Shape, not fat or skinny)
  • Endomorph (Fat)

Second, Do not Trained too hard

Do not trained your muscle too hards because when you do exercise and weight lifting too much and forget to rest may not make your muscle grow very well because when you build your muscle it must come for three things together which are Rest, Exercise and Control your Foods. If you not follow these three things your muscle will lost instead of increasing. It is not good for building muscle if you have training too heavy because your muscle will not healthy. If you feel like tired, difficult to sleep, frequent colds and easy to feel stressed which these will warn you that you exercise in a wrong way.

Third : Fitness muscles not enough

You must understand the system of your body first in order to maintain the balance throughout the body because your body will not allow the arm or shoulder become bigger than main muscles at the back, legs or chest. So you have to play the main muscles first and then follow by smaller one. Do not forget that the muscles will not grow if the lower part of the leg muscle do not grow because your body is trying to maintain a balance.

Fourth : Train Hard but take a little time

For the time that you spend for weight lifting must not more than one hour when you are in the gym because if you stay in your gym more than 1 hour which mean that you are not focus on weight lifting. When you do weight lifting you muse play hard in order to add more weight in order to make your muscle become bigger.

Fifth : Eat Eat and Eat

You can not build your muscle without eating. If you do not eat enough your muscle will not grow like you want. You should eat every three hours and each meal should include carbohydrates such as rice, bread, protein and many more. You nee protein 1.5 up to 2 grams per pound of your body weight. In the first day of training you should eat 4 up to 5 times a day. Another important thing which you need to drink water at least 8 glasses because it will help your metabolism work better.

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