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Healthy Gut Guide

Below you will see a great guide for a healthy gut

What to eat, it is a simple question but it can affect your health a lot. Not surprisingly that healthy, fresh and unprocessed foods get the thumbs up whole food and that is foods made purely from one ingredient area lso praised. We are talking eggs, vegetables, fish and nuts. Avoiding any foods that your are particularly reactive to, of course.

What not to eat? For the food that you should not eat is a food that could be toxic and cause indigestion, inflammation, bloating and fatigue, minor sickness and diseases. There is not a clear cut on size fits all for this list unfortunatelyw hich is why eliminating then reintroducing foods and keeping a journal is so useful.

How to eat? A culture of eating junk and processed foods has caused your bodies to crave them. The portion size has also become an issue. You shuld fill your plate with 80% vegetables and 20% of protein and we know that it is very hard to do like that. Stop eating when youa re at 80% full.

Supplement right, not all health supplement are necessary but the one that help plug the nutritional gaps that keep us from raching our health goals are a good investment. For the recommended is fish oil, probiotic, multivitamin, vitamin D3 and magnesium daily. There are also gut specific supplement that will help you on the programme.

Underatand the psychology of clean living. It’s all very useful to following the programme but the principles will not last long ify ou are forcing yourself to do it. And that why it is important to understant the ffect that has on your health and to focus on forming new habits. For the habits is like drinking water or drink green juice when you are tired or having a healthy snack rather than a chocolate bar.


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