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Health gut for a healthy you

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Would not it be a great to discover the root of all health problem? The following on the success to genuine good health using a simple plan to address the underlying cause of illness and disease. Whether you are plagued with health issues or just curious about how to prevent reaching this stage. Clean gut cans how you how to deal with any ailment from heat diseases to wiehgt gain. Just looking after your gut. The root of almost all chronic diseases starts in your gut. Your second brain junger refer to the gut as the second brain of the body. while this might seem like an odd expression if you consider that the gut has an effect on all sorts ofh ealth issues not just those associated with the digestive system. It does sound like on something while your first brain servesa s your intellectual hardware and your second brain is your spiritual and emotion GPS. Withouti t you will lost. Just like the brain the gut is pretty complex it consists of 4 main parts. The digestive tube, the gut associated lymphatic tissue, the intestinal flora and the nervous system. All of which play a role in keeping us in check. For the describes the digestive tube ast he body’s busiest border fulfilling key digestive function such as breaking down food absorbing nutrients essential for life, eliminating waste from your blood circulation and housing. For the food that have not digested properly or worse anything toxic that has not been stopped by the digestive tube. A key in your immune system will deal with immune system’s cell are constantly scanning the environment to detect organisms and molecules that are foreign and hostile. It does not end there and did you know that there are some good and bad bacteria hanging around your gut even a healthy one than there are cells on your body? The collection of bacteria or microorganisms is what makes up the intestinal flora a part of gut that has many functions. Not only does the good bacteria keep the immune system in check and assist digestion of food. It also helps the body to get rid of all nasties that might be lurking around. It’s a key contributor in detoxification and ridding the body of 40% in food if the gut did not have the intestinal flora the liver would have to work almost twice as hard. Last but certainly not least comes the gut’s nervous system which is responsible for carrying information around the gut. It signals to the areas of the gut when they need to get to work contraction of muscle cells and release of hormones and digestion so all in all the gut is pretty important in helping to run things. To put into perspective just how true that is.

THE complexity of the gut means that it does not come without its issues though. THe intestinal flora is the first part of the gut that suffers the unnatural conditions of what is considered normal life for most of the planet’s population. There are a certain foods that are detrimental to gut health call the big three. Processed sugar, caffeine and alcohol if you want to remain free from dependency on the big 3, its important to take breaks. This could be for one week or one month by pulsing out is something you do repeatedly over time to remind yourself of how these foods actually affect you.

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