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HairExtensionBuy Coupon Lists

Updated HairExtensionBuy Coupon Code Lists

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Active: Free Shipping on all order of $99

1. Coupon: BLACK20: Save 20% Off with 3 or more items (Black Friday Coupon)

2. Coupon: BLACK15: Save 15% Off with 2 items (Black Friday Coupon)

3. Coupon: BLACK5: Save 5% Off with 1 item (Black Friday Coupon)

4. Coupon: SALE5: Save up to 50% Off + Extra 5% Off for any order (NEW)

5. Save up to 50% Off + Buy 2 or more Get Extra 5% – 15% Off on Virgin Hair (NEW)

6. New Arrival Clip in Set up to 200G Buy 2 or more get 10% Off (NEW)

7. Coupon: WS20: Save $20 Off on order over $169

8. Coupon: SEM20: Save $20 Off on all order over $169

9. Coupon: SUM15: Save $15 Off on all order over $129

10. Coupon: SUM20: Save $20 Off on all order over $169

11. Coupon: CLIP15: Save $15 Off on all order over $100

12. Coupon: EXTRA5: Save $5 Off on all order

13. Coupon: hair: Save $7 Off on all order

14. Coupon: hair20: Save $20 Off on all order of $200

15. Coupon: hair30: Save $30 Off on all order of $300

16. Coupon: heb5: Save $5 Off on all order of $70

17. Coupon: heb10: Save $10 Off on all order of $100

18. Coupon: hair5: Save $5 Off at

19. Coupon: hair10: Save $10 Off at

(Some Discount will active during your add to cart process)

About Hairextensionbuy is one of the largest online Hair Extension Store which you can find and order a variety design of hair extension products and accessories at lowest price on the internet. Hairextensionbuy also provide free shipping on all order of $100 or more. When you visit Hairextensionbuy website you can shop their Hair Extension Products and Accessories which separate into many categories for example Clip in Hair Extension, Weave, Weft, Closure, Fusion, Pre Bounded, Micro Loop, Tape In, Clip In Highlight, Straight Clip In Hair, Wave Clip In Hair, Virgin Indian Hair, Virgin Malaysian Hair, Virgin Brazilian Hair, Virgin Peruvian Hair, Remy Human Hair, Virgin Malaysian Hair Closure, Virgin Peruvian Hair Closure, Virgin Brazilian Hair Closure and many more. Hairextensionbuy enter into hair accessories business for over 10 years of experience which you can assure all items that you order from them which guarantee from their experience. For Shopping tips from Hairextensionbuy website that can save more money for you by apply Hairextensionbuy Coupon after you finish adding your select items into your shopping cart and during your checkout process you will see a box to enter Hairextensionbuy Coupon which current Hairextensionbuy Coupon can save your money up to 15% Off from your current order price plus free shipping on all order. If you have any question about order products from Hairextensionbuy website which you can contact their customer support directly at 1-888-669-4439 or you can have live chat support at their website.

How to use Hair Extension?

How to wear Hair ExtensionThe first step you have to wear a hair net first by spread out your hair net and then put your head down after you use you both hands and hold the front of hair net. After you hold your front hair then pulling the your hair net up and spread out a little. During you pulling your hair you have to keep your front hair inside your hair net. For some people who do not want to use hair net you just use hairpin instead of hair net.

Now it is time to wear your Hair Extension Clip by catch your wig on both side with your both hand and put your Hair Extension Clip on your hair in a property alignment and you can set your Hair Extension Clip in a style that you want.

Cleaning Hair Extension

1. Washed your Hair Extension in water and use a shampoo to clean your Hair Extension (please note that you must not crush your wigs)
2. After you finish washed your wigs then use towel to dry your Hair Extension before desiccation.
3. Important thing you must not comb your wigs when it is wet because it will make your hair from your Hair Extension will fall.

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