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Shopping at GrowersHouse and SAVE with Discount Code


GrowersHouse.com is a website that you can find and order hydroponics supply and indoor gardening store. GrowersHouse offer both retail and online store. When you visit GrowersHouse website you will find their products that separate into categories for example Greenhouse Materials, Cloning Tents, Tents by Size, Accessories, Parts, Tools, Reflective Material, Light, Growth Light, Reflectors, LED Light, Fluorescent Lights, Induction Lights, Plasma Lights, Grow Light Hangers, Light Movers, Timers, Controllers, Ballasts, Air, Water, CO2, Soil, Pots, Trays, Plant Care, Propagation, Climate Control and many more for you to shop from GrowersHouse website.

Not only offer all types of hydroponics products for indoor gardening but GrowersHouse also giving away GrowersHouse Discount Code for you which you can apply GrowersHouse Discount Code after you finish adding your select items into your shopping cart and during your checkout process you will see a box to enter GrowersHouse Discount Code which current GrowersHouse Discount Code can save your money up to 20% Off plus free shipping on all order. Below you will see active GrowersHouse Coupon Code.

Compare GrowersHouse with Other Online hydroponics supply store promotion

Compare Indoor Gardening Store PromotionCoupon or DiscountFree Shipping OfferVariety of ProductsPopularity
GrowersHouse20% OffYesVery HighHigh
SuperCloset35% OffNoHighHigh
DealzerNo DiscountFree Shipping for some itemsModerateHigh
Urbansunshine25% OffFree Shipping on order of $100HighAverage
HOMEbox.netNo DiscountNoLowAverage
  • GrowersHouse.com – GrowersHouse is one of the largest online hydroponics supplies store that offer all types of indoor gardening products and accessories at lowest price on the internet. If you have a chance to visit GrowersHouse website you will find their products that separate into categories for example Nutrients, Nutrient Starter Kits, Compost Teas, Cal Mag Additives, Bloom Boosters, Amino Acid, Vitamins, Dolomite Lime, Enzymes, Fish Based, Feminizing, Flower Hardeners, Flushes, Foliar Sprays, Lights, Soil, Pots, Trays, Plant Care, Climate Control, Systems, Tents, Greenhouse and many more for you to shop at their store. For strength point from GrowersHouse website is coupon for getting discount at their store which can save your money up to 20% off plus free shipping on all order. For another strength point from GrowersHouse website is a variety of products that available at their store which we can call one stop shop store.
  • SuperCloset.com – SuperCloset is number 1 in selling grown cabinets, grown rooms and hydroponic systems worldwide. SuperCloset receive award winner on complete grown room in grow box business and receive 11 “Best of Awards” earned over 10 years of their operation. SuperCloset is the leader in grow box business which introducing fully automated grow cabinets and hydroponic grow systems. For strength point that SuperCloset have benefit more than their competitor is their promotion and discount on all product. At SuperCloset website you can save your money up to $400 Off on grow cabinets or 35% Off on their grow cabinets. At SuperCloset website they do not provide any free shipping promotion because they offer shipping worldwide.
  • Dealzer.com – Dealzer is a place that you can find a discount grow box which have price range from $420.00 up to $3,795.00. At Dealzer website you will find a variety of Grow Box Products and Grow Accessories. Dealzer claim that they are the best source of high quality hydroponic systems that produce organic plants. For warranty that Dealzer offer for their customer is 3 year minimum warranty and lifetime of free tech support. For weak point that Dealzer have when compare with their competitor is about promotion and discount because Dealzer does not offer any discount at their website. For strength point of Dealzer website is free shipping for some products at their website.
  • Urbansunshine.com – Urbansunshine is a site that you can find and order a cheap hydroponics and Grow Box for you to shop. When you visit Urbansunshine website you will find their products which separate into many categories such as Grow Light, Grow Containers, Climate Control, Plant Food, Grow Systems, Sprout Seeds, Garden Tools and many more. For a strength point of vie that make Urbansunshine become alternative choice their grow box shopper is instant discount on some products at their website. Moreover, Urbansunshine also offer free shipping on all order of $100.
  • HOMEbox.net – HOMEbox is a site that offer alternative choice for indoor growing plant which HOMEbox introduce PAR+ reflects with more light and less heat for your plants. When you visit HOMEbox website you will find their grow box products which separate into many categories such as Homebox XS, Homebox S, Homebox L, Homebox 1.8, Homebox XL, Homebox XXL, Clonebox View, Homebox twin, Flange, Drynet, Equipment Board, Fixture Poles, Hercules and many more. For strength point that make HOMEbox different from their competitor is customize because at HOMEbox website you can pick and choose your shape of your grown room.


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Introducing Grow Box

Nowadays, Grow box is become popular because many people select growing their plans indoors because they do not have time to grown their plant in their back yard or they do not have time to take care their plant. The main reason that they want to use grow box to grown their plant is fresh of plants and time consuming because using grow box can reduce growth time if you know how to do it. Grow boxes is the best solution to solve inconvenience of out door gardening. For the price of grow box is a bit higher when compare with out door gardening. The benefit from using grow box is save time, easy to use, easy to grown, save time to harvest, good for long run, 100% natural (because you growth by your own hand), grown up to 5 time faster than traditional methods and many more.

How to use Grow Box?

First of all you must understand what is grow box is. Grow Box is a self Container which use hydroponics to grow your plants by using water instead of soil. Grow Box is easy to use and easy to grow your plans if you understand the system of Grow Box. Grow Box have many a lot of components such as LED Light, Metal, Light Bulb, High Sodium pressure and many more.

Grown Room

Grown room or tent is necessary when you desire to grow your plant for indoor purpose. For Grow Tents able to support and durability of your actual enclosed room. Grow tents are design to specific special need that easily to grown your plant. Before you desire to plant you must think about you plant size and yields first because if you plan the size of you plant first will make you manage your growing period and easy to managed climate. On the other hand you products quality will be improved. Not only grown room that important for growing your plant but growing accessories are also important for example Air Cooled Lighting, Tube Reflector, Internal Circulation Fan, Lumatek Digital, Dimmable Ballasts and many more.

Hydroponic Setup

When you desire to use grow boxes, Hydroponic grow system may be a good choice for you to select because Hydroponic Grow System introduce fastest, safest grows and easiest method for you. Hydroponic Grow System provide the combination of the fusion from different proven hydroponic methods into one.

Lighting for Grow Box

Lighting is very important for quality grown room because closed because lights can separate cooled from the outtake air in your your grow room (tent room). Most of lighting for grow room have their own fans cooling which can make your grow room become more stable on temperature environment.

Best 1000w Indoor Grow Light Test by GrowersHouse Review Lab

Why Select GrowersHouse.com?

The reason that why many people pick and choose GrowersHouse when decide to order indoor gardening products and equipment is because GrowersHouse is one of the largest online indoor gardening store that allow you to order all types of indoor gardening product and accessories. At GrowersHouse website you will find their products that separate into categories such as Air, Water, COs, Lights, Nutrients, Soil, Pots, Trays, Plant Care, Propagation, Climate Control, Systems, Tents, Tools, Gear, Greenhouse and many more for you to shop from GrowersHouse website.

GrowersHouse Coupon: By enter GrowersHouse Coupon after you finish adding your select items into your shopping cart and duirng your checkout process you will see abox to enter GrowersHouse Coupon which current GrowersHouse Coupon can save your money up to 15% off plus free shipping on all order.

GrowersHouse Customer Services: If you face any problem about order products from GrowersHouse website which you can contact their customer support directly at 855-289-1441 which their call center will available for you from Monday to Friday at 8.30am until 6.30pm.

GrowersHouse Newsletter: You can keep updated GrowersHouse promotion and deal by visit GrowersHouse website and scroll your mouse down to the bottom of GrowersHouse landing page and you will see a box to enter your email address for sign up newsletter.

How to Water your Plants

Plants are living Completely on the appropriate growth factors with light, temperature, water, air and food. Due to these kind of factors that make the balance of the mechanism of growth that occurred such as Grow in the shade of the hot weather may not grow in the sunlight or low temperatures. Many plants manufacturing have must control these kind of factors in order to manage their plants to growth in the environment that they want their plant to growth. In the matter of light and temperature may help shape the building while weather is a particular problem areas with industrial or traffic jams many effect air pollution so Selected areas to growth your plant is very important.


Water is the basic element of life on Earth. Pant cells are dissolved minerals and nutrients that promote growth. In additional, water are also used in organic synthesis processes as much as supply of water from the soil to plants. But in some cases the plants may be located in a water vapor as well. Humidity are also affect the temperature inside the plants as well. Due to the weather conditions of high humidity. If your plant have no gas exchange and dehydration, it can cause the interior temperature and the outside temperature was higher plants.

The quality of water are also important because the temperature of water that used to water the trees must not be too low or high because leaves and roots of trees may be harmed by the water temperature such as the leaves of African Violet will have wound from cold water. which is often found in the plant is potted ornamental table in the air.

The acid base of the water is another factor that determines the quality of the water to growth your plants because each types of minerals are beneficial to plant are different when dissolved in water with acidity and different base. In general, the acid and base of the water is measured as pH and acidic water will have pH lower than 7, while the water is alkaline with pH greater than 7, The water is acids Bast suited for plants. Water quality is the most important factor. Water with minerals dissolved contaminant may be toxic and affect the growth of plants because the root system is exposed to water that contaminated with minerals which is good to release water from the roots. The root cause wilt damage. Some Minerals have heavy metals from the plant. Water from natural water sources may have sources of water quality problem as well. The waste water from the houses that often fat and sodium phosphates mixed with other organic compounds in the water with lox oxygen content and a lot of impurities. It’s not conducive to the growth of the plant so choosing a good quality water source is important to growth your plants.

The best Grow Box
Supercloset is offer the best grow box that using electronic smartpot to grows plants which you don’t have to have any knowledge about gardening instead everything will be taken care by Grow Box from Supercloset with smart technology. Supercloset measures all the necessary parameters and doses an exact amount of water, fertiliser and air according to the plants that need. No more constant watering, which you can guesswork and worring whether your plant is getting exactly what it needs. The smart technology takes care of all of that for you.

The smart herb garden comes with cartridges for basil which some grow box type will come with a cartridge which will be available for chili pepper, mini tomato, papermint, rosemary, sage, sugar leaf and lavender. The backbone of Supercloset is the growth medium with material engineered to supply plant roots with the right amount of oxygem, water and nutrients at anytime.

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