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Grow More Food in a movable greenhouse

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Many gardeners use cold frames and quick hoops to extend the growing season but just beyond these options is a step that is simple and super productive for the home gardener. Small and low cost portable greenhouse. At first this may seem like a big step. You can build 10 but 12 foot greenhouse for less than you will spend on a store bought 4 by 4 foot cold frame. The gold is designing this movable greenhouse were that it be simple to build with off the shelf parts inexpensive and easy to move and anchor.

Even gardeners in moderate or warm climates can benefit from a greenhouse which give you much more variety in your winter fare, where you live and also make the experience of growing it more pleasant like the cold frame and the quick hoop. The greenhouse furnishes a warm and sheltered spot for plants but because you can stand up insides and it also shelters you. It’s similar to a cold frame with a simple greenhouse capture. The sun’s heat and eliminates the drying, chilling effects of wind. Often a gardener’s first though will be nice to grow warm weather crops such as tomatoes, during winter. But that would mean providing some sort of artificial heat and suddenly the simple greenhouse becomes a big expense. Here’s the great part that you don’t need to heat your greenhouse in winter if you plant hardy crops that are most content growing in cool weather. Come spring you will get in those early crops even sooner than normal and you will transplant your warm weather tomatoes earlier in the year then sit back to wait for extra early ripening.


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