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Green Smart Living E-Cig Review

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By give you more information so when you first using Green Smart Living E-Cig you have to buy Starter Kit first which come with E-Cig Charger batteries itself plus USB Port that you can put into iPod Charger. For batteries you have to charge for two hours and do not overcharging it because your batteries will die off so just two hours is enough for charging your batteries. You also get two cartridges either of them for other cartridges cells.

There are multiple flavors from Peach, Strawberry, Vanilla, Menthol, Normal and many more. Many user preferred Vanilla and Strawberry but it’s your option to select your flavors. Each cartridge will show a name of flavor below so these means there’s a loan on it. You can change your cartridges from low, medium or high. For the average Cartridges will last up the same as 20 pack of cartridges. People who using Electronic Cigarette say that using cigarette is very stupid because it will kill you and you have to waste 30 buck for that. Green Smart Living is better because it care environment and it safe more than using cigarette with more fun.

So when you using Green Smart Living by screw on your cartridges and you ready to go. First that you hit it the feeling is very smooth and important things is low nicotine which these will make you health better than using real cigarette.

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