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Great tips for natural pool?

Below you will see a great tips for natural pool

One of the most striking additions to the property is the pool that offers surprising mix of clean, inviting swimming water with shallow where goldfish cruise. Many pool design explain that the delicate balance that lets you tak e a dip without the need for chlorine clining to your skin. One system of pumps mechanically filter the water for clarity while another takes water from the pool’s edge and into a 14,000 litre reservoir below ground. An ozone treatment then kills any potential nasties such as giardia pushed back up through layers of rock and gravel for a final filtration before it meets the roots of plants including water lilies, irises and native reeds, which extract enough of the nutrients in the water to discourage algal growth. Maintaining the delicate balance bewteen water clarity and plant life in a natural pool takes thought and care. If you want sparkling blue pool, just build a sparkling blue pool by the pleasure of the environment that created has been worth the effort.

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