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Great Ideas for Living Room, Dining Room and Bed Room

Bright Ideas for Living Room, Dining Room and Bedroom

Lighting able to create the right atmosphere and also provides illumination for reading, working, cooking, writing and many more. Below you will see a great tips for you to apply lighting for Living Room and Dining Room.

Living Room

Living Room

Living Room is a place where families gather to relax and spend quality time together, recessed ceiling lighting can be a best suitable choice for general lighting. Lights can be placed above the sofa in order to create a relaxing ambience throughout the area but you have to select light bulb carefully because it can make you feel not comfortable if it too hot so you muse consider the space of light bulb and your sofa as well.


Dimmers can be installed for brightness adjustment and you receive another feeling about your lighting in your living room. For effect wall mounted uplights or downlights with a warm glow can create accents lighting when ceilings lights are dimmed. You can also add a reading lamp if you use the space for activities such as reading or sewing.



Dining Room

Dining Room

Dining Room is a place that you muse consider installing general illumination such as pendant lamp aboe the dining table. The brightness of the light are also important because it will create elegant look of your dining room and also make your dining room become much more attractive. The lighting fixture used or not for the transparency of the material. The characteristics of the space to be lit such as bright, dark, big and small. The function also required for romantic dinners and cosy or family gathering type dinners. In general lighting for 53 W round halogen bulb in a semi shielded suspended lighting fixture that can adequately illuminate a round table with a diameter.

Bedroom and Bathroom


Bedroom lighting should be warm, soft and soothing which you can use a combination of overhead lighting with wall and reading light will facilitate the different activities that you engage in withing your personal space. Light can also be dimmed in order to create romantic atmosphere. The lighting for your bathroom shoud be relaxing. LED spotlight may be the best choice for everone because it can create a clear vision and relaxing at the same time. LED spotlights which look as warm but do not physically heat up like halogem pinlights because it too hot for your bathroom. You can be used to achieve this effect while letting you engage in various activites. Use color with a correct bulbs that near the mirrors can be increase an accurate depiction of your skin tone.

Room is a place where everyone in your family member gather to relax and spend quality time together. Recessed ceiling lights can be a suitable choice for general lighting.

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