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Google Unveils Hotpot

Nowadays location-based service from google receive more attention since we have seen service Foursquare overwhelmingly successful in introducing various places. While the iron is hot as this one godfather search engine like Google. Today Google has launched a Hotpot engine recommended places that you and your friends can participate in the presentation offline.

The principle of the Hotpot is similar to the properties of ratings and reviews of Googole Place but these engine work different. The originally recommended the use of the Place will be based on information from other sources such as the Yelp reviews, but for the Hotspot user can participate in the rating and review a store or business manually through the profiles of individual users. The ratings and reviews of all that is stored on the top screen of the each profile. In addition, users can also press the like or do not like to place them also, all of which are all affected engines recommend this google Hotspot.

Meanwhile, Google itself has to focus on maintaining the privacy of user. Users can create separate profiles for use Hotpot profiles that you use other Google services can still use the Google Gmail to connect to your Google profile to help users to find their friends. The good thing is that the user can see the ratings for each friend reviews when you write something.

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