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Good news for De-Stress for success

Below you will see a good news for de-stress

Although you can not escape stress in the modern world but you can change the way you interpret and react to it triggers. The good news is that it has been proven that by consciously activating the parasympathetic nervous syste, the rest and digest reponse, the normal resting state of your brain and body can be achieved stress levels can be lowered your mood can be lifted. Psychoneuroimmunology studies have now established the connection between body, mind and emotions. Changing your reaction to the stress you experience, incorporating breating and relaxation techniques and altering your diet together with using the stress reduction recommendations described below will help activate your PNS that take better care of your body and mind and reduce stress as well as its potential impact on your health.

Identify the warning signs

Listen to your body and mind to identify the troubling signs of stress. Are you tired or chronically exhausted? Do you experience constant muscle tension and headaches? How are your thoughts? What is your mood are you in. Take moment to acknowledge the stress triggers in your daily life. That could be job deadlines, family commitments, demanding children, money concerns, hunger.

Please note them down prioritise the tasks that you can do and generously give yourself time to complete them. Take a few deep breaths and accept the things you do not have control of move on. Deep breating is a great anchor to use when you feel stressed out or anxious.

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