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GMOs Products VS Organic

What about Organic and GMOs

Products that are labeled as 100% Organic are free from GMOs however there is room for error. Cross contamination from animal feed and ingredient suppliers can compromise the quality of organic products. Although looking out for the Non GMO verification label is the best way to identify a GMO free food experts say you have to kae a closer look even following the trail of where the product was sourced and manufactured to see the bigger picture. You have to assum that everything is genetically modified unless you are told otherwise.

When you are aware of the major crops that they can still appear as derivatives and additives in food. On a positive note the demand for transparency is growing and more and more companies and farmers are opting for integrity first, adhering to proper labeling and GMO free agriculture and industry. The best bet is your judgment. Read labels and be on the look out for ingredients such as high fructose corn syrup and even ascorbic acid also know as vitamin C, which is derived from corn as partame and even the sugar you add to your coffee. Essentially the best way to start is to ask quastion. Whether it be your local grocer farmer and even your general practitioner. Educating yourself is key when it comes to food integrity.



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