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Get Fit Trick for your body

Below you will see a great tips for get fit for your body

What’s Eating you?

Sometime, even the most healthful foods do not play nice with your body during exercise. The result a riot of cringe worth bodily functions. Ain’t nobody got time for that.

Vomiting: Did you eat too close to your workout? Push yourself too hard? There you go iof you see gas and hertburn or reflux.

Heartburn: Steer clear of trigger foods like coffee, peppermint and tomatoes or tomato products and wear loose clothing if you are prone to problems with tight gear can aggravate the issue.

Bummer: Intense activity seems to move waste closer to the exit. Another theory is hormones called prostaglandins may be released during exercise, contributing to the runs.

Gas: Your body is trying to break down high fiber foods like bran, beans and fruit and all that bouncing, jumping and running is not helping. Sneaky offenders for foods with a type of fiber called inulin which you will find it in wheat, onionsm leeks and asparagus.

What you eat post workou impacts everything from how you recover to how much weight you lose. Below you will see 4 key combos from sports nutritionist.

1. Turkey sandwich
2. Walnut halves
3. Banana Dog (Whole wheat hot dog bun)
4. Chocolate milk

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