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Get Fit for the season for Horse and Rider

Below you will see a great tips to get fit for horse and rider

Do you want to go eventing this year? Below you will see how to start the season with your horse fit and ready to go.

Getting your horse properly fit for the eventing competition season is really important if he’s to perform at his best, and stay sound and happy in his work. It does not have to be difficult or stressful, you just need to put in the time to build his fitness but you must do it gradually. Fitness work can be fun especially if you have good hacking to make the job easier and mopre enjoyable. Variety is important too in cluding schooling and jumping your hourse, cross country training and competing in showjumping and dressage. He will positively benefit from the variety in his work in terms of fitness and experience. If your yar is on the edge of the forest and it’s a very hilly area wh9ich is a great for fittening horses and you have a big school with a good surface and purpose built gallops for when you start to do flatwork, jumping and fast work. But even without such a great facilities you can still do the fitness work successfully, walking and trotting on quiet roads and tracks with as much incline as you can find and traelling to gallops or schooling facilities at weekends.

Fitness Foundation

You can start fittening work by walking your hourse for half an hour a day on road and tracks, building up over two weeks to 45 minutes. Once your hourse is comfortable walking out for 45 minutes then you can add in some trot, ramping your riding time up to a total of an hour in walk and trot. You can add in steeper hills as he gets fitter too. This type of work is the basic fitness foundation no matter what work you plan to do. But if you do not have access to good hills then you will need to adjust your horse’s programme and build up to longer period of trotting to achieve the same level of fitness.

Top tip:
Do not rush your programme. Go slowly and spend a bit more time doing the basics rather than thinking your have got to trot up those hills for that amount of time.

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