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Gentle care for delicate skin around the eyes

Because the skin around your eyes is very delicate. In addition, the amount of bubbles it are minimal. Resulting in dryness and loss of flexibility easily. Most of people face with the wrinkles dark circles, swelling occurs or older so you have to take care your skin by skin care product or eyes care product.

How to choose the cream for your eyes

Using body lotion may exposed skin around the eyes may cause inflammation because cream that you use is too thick

7 solution to solve eye bags

1.  Apply cold cream with higher than normal for the eye. Because  cold cream can help reduce the swelling

2. When you use cream use your fingertips touch around the eyes to eliminate excess fluids

3. Slice of cucumber or tomato and put on your eyes for 20 minutes

4. Use tea bags and put on your eyes for 15 minutes, tea bags will help relieve swelling due to a component of tea (TANNIN and POLYPHENOLS substances can make skin shrink)

5. Use cold water or milk and soak with cotton paste on your eyes for 15 minutes

6. Use teaspoon and left in the refrigerator overnight after that put it on your eyes

7. Cotton dipped in water pack chilled rose and put cotton on your eyes

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