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Function for outdoor purpose

Below you will see a few tips to inviting family-friendly to outdoor room
Function for outdoor purpose

The inviting family friendly outdoor room makes year round entertaining a breeze

If you are the one that decied to have a modern rear extension added and you don’t just yearn for extra interior living space which you can craved an outdoor room with a lovely open feel where you will have entertain summer through winter. The new outdoor entertaining space needed to carter to the desires of the whole family which included a grown up son and daughter. The clean line of the home extension and allow erasy access to both the house and the swimming pool. If you are the one who love to spend time outdoors but not at the mercy of the elements which you should design and build your dream outdoor room with a space that is tranquil, sohisticated and multi functional.
To create a seamless flow between the indoor and outdoor areas with large outdoor room was built with the same floor height as the living room to keep the space bright and airy which you must consider the natural light flow which filters through the large windows at the rear of the house that is why creating a room with high ceilings and utilising skylights was vital. Instead of use plaster to line the ceiling by clad with lining boards which complement the home’s period features. The most important element of the design accoring to your place which it’s the integrated build in bench seat.

The use of electric strip heating with a ceiling fan, LED downlights feature and decking lights and ceiling mounted speakers that gives the room a luxurioous feeling. The custom made drop down patio blinds contribute to its functionality. The elements work together to add the perfect finishing touches for the ultimate in comfort for the whole family for all occasion.

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