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Food for your health

Below you will see a great tips for food for your health and soul


Some of you have have no doubt heard of holistic training. Holistic traiing is a training that have emphasis on the whole, rather than focusing on specific areas of the body, but many of you may not know what is holistic nutrition.

Holistic Nutrition is provide all elements of the person, spirituality, relationships, career and physical activity. Holistic Nutrition look at more than just a healthy diet. To many in the industry these elements are known as primary food due to their ability to feed a person without nutrients. Humand require more than a nutritious diet to survive so it makes sense to include an evaluation of these primary food when looking at prescribing a nutrition plan for someone. Your secondary food need, however are met from the food you ingest. Conventional nutrition involves giving people a nutrition plan and expecting then to follow it. While this can work theoretically, people often find it difficult to stick to the plan or revert to old habits once the plan is finished. For many, it’s a chicken or the egg debate. Some of you may believe that eat better your life will become more balanced whilst most of use who practice holistic nutrition believe it to be the other way around.

Wyy people find difficult to stick to the nutrition plan?

The answer of why is someone finds it hard to stick to the plan because it often come down to an imbalance of primary foods and it boring to eat the same food every single day. Career or physical activity element. It could even be a combination of all 4. Look at the primary food in your life. If you are in an unhappy relationship or are having a bad week at work. You could be compensating with emotional eating. If you address any of your primary food issues, you will have more success adjusting your secondary foods.

What should a holistic nutrition plan look like?
Holistitc eating require to look at your food on a deeper level than macronutrients. It involves breaking a food down to its cellular level to discover. How it will nurture your body and mind as a whole.

To create a sustainable and mangeable change aim to add one new food to your diet each week. This can include a new type of green or a superfood. Adding foods that are high in nutritional value allow you to feel positive about the changes you are making instead of feeling deprived due to elimination. If you continue to add soul enriching food each week you have to eventually crowd out the bad food without even realising it.

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