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Flatwork Secrets for your Horses

Below you will see a great tips for flatwork

Good dressage marks are all about a solid foundation. So whatever level you ride at getting the flatwork fundamentals right will improve all aspects of your riding. Regardless of a horse’s level of training, the most important thing is that consistently responds to the rider’s leg and hand aids and is accepting of the bridle. The event hourses need to be prepared to answer and react to the question. This is also true of any horse if you want to enjoy riding him. For your horse to respond correctly, it’s important that you give clear sinals when asking for transitions and movements. While this is obviously an important part of gaining good marks in a dressage test. When you are schooling at home or even out hacking, you want a horse who is responsive and balanced. Getting the basics right is important for the development of any horse.

At the start of every schooling session. Mostly will spend 5 to 5 minutes walking, trotting and cantering the horse on a long but not losse, rein. This mean you still have a contact. It help relax the horse into the work environment and allow him to stretch out in a long, low outline. It will sometimes take a bit longer for a young horse to realise that this is what you want in the beginning but once you has learnt to do it as a part of his cool down and reward at the end of a schooling session, he will soon associate the longer contact with stretching which is so important for your horses.

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