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Flag Buying Guide

When buying Flags what factor that you should consider?

If you are the one that looking for Flag you have to ask yourself first what size of flags that you need for your indoor or outdoor flagpole? There are a lot of website that provide size of flag chart that can be used it as general guide in order to help you select the proper flag size which these size is based on the type and style of flagpole that you have for example if your flagpole is 25′ tall you can fly up to 4’x6′ American Flag. Below you will see a table to flag size table.

Flagpole TallFly Up to
70'12x18' - 15x25'
80'20x30 ' - 20 x 38'

If above table is not clear enough for you then let’s take a look in to picture which we got picture from top of American Flags website that is which Carrot Top Industries is one of the largest and well know American Flag Store.

After you can measure your flagpole sizes and after that you can have select about canvas header with grommets, unlined pole sleeve or a roped heading?


Let’s start with a roped heading most of flagpole must have ropes heading which most of standard for flags have a measure 8’x12′ or larger. It features a nylon rope that running through the length of the canvas header with reinforced galvanized metal thimbles at the top and bottom.


Unlined pole sleeve is traditionally that used for outdoor flags nowadays and it used for display sets and will easily slide over a 1″ diameter pole commonly mounted outside at 45 degree angle on home and building.

Canvas Header

It’s grommets hoist end is standard on all of your American Flags up to 6’x10′ size. For the canvas header provide durability while the brass grommet allow your flag to be fastened to your flagpole using snap hooks or plastic ties.

What is the best material for an outdoor American Flags?

  • For the best material for your outdoor flags which it depend on your weather conditions and display environment.
  • If you are in the area that is exposed to frequent storm or high winds >> Patriarch Polyester is the best choice for you. It made from heavy duty fabric which their patriarch American Flags will require more wind to fly.
  • Areas with little to moderate winds and the occasional storm will benefit from choosing the Beacon Nylon Material that will dry so quick and fly in the slightest breeze.
  • Cotton is not recommended for all weather use. A very traditional material wit the dye process does not seal in the color so this flag will bleed if it gets wet. This is recommended for short term display only.
  • Polyester, cotton blend material used to create the Printed U.S. Flag that make it the economical choice for short term

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