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Finishing Touches with luxury and sophistication

Tips to add luxury and sophistication for your place
Finishing Touches with luxury and sophistication

Below you will see a few tips to design your place

1. Wall cladding for upstairs: Focus on hard finished with can create a high impact lighting and signature style items. It’s not ordinary for interior designer to do like these because it preferring instead to call a building finishes and interior consultant. For your place can be transformed on the upper level with the low ceiling was knocked out to gain height with only essential structure retained and old geyser cupboard able to turned into a private cloakroom with shower. For wall and ceiling finished in white tongue and groove cladding the space now have distinctive quality.

2. Cornicing Treatment for downstair: The lower level of streamlined to incorporate an open plan for your dining and living room which you can leads off from an en suite bedroom with wide sliding doors which previously are not exist. The real factor that can get attention for everyone. The aim was to create a true style space.

3. Pocket Sliding Door: Adding two pocket sliding doors lead into and conceal a walk in closet off the dining area. You can apply device that allow for serious space saving as well as a sense of high drama. The double door are gold dust to small spaces because of automatically suggest grandeur can be thrown open villa style. The mouldings draw attention away from the face that the space is rather limited while at the same time able to create a framework for the surrounding details art and strong paint choices.

4. Feature Wall: You can design a doorways and mouldings with a simple clean line bookshelf. For the shelves decrease in width from the bottom up giving a leaning effect and creating an elegant means of displaying an art collection. You can also set out to design and manufacture a range of frames according to the theme and made up collection of wall art and vintage photo images. The sort of attention to detail is a signature move which each and every detail is custom made to serve your own space.

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