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Finding new Friends tips for your kids

Below you will see a greate tips for finding a new friend for your kids

When a group has truly caused pain or formally ousted your child your child may have no choice but to leave it behind and seek out new friends. If your child feeling intimidated, you have to talk with your child about trying to make juse one new friend rather than entering a whole new clique. Think about it. There’s world of difference between eating lunch alone and eating lunch across from some one else. Having additional friends is great but children are much less lonely when they have even one supportive friend. It’s untilmately up to your child to find this new buddy or buddies, but you can lay the groundwork. Nudge your child toward a club, a sport, a volunteer activity or even an after school job where your child can meet peers with similar interests. Take heart in the knowledge that this lonely state is not forever.

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