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Find activities to inspire your baby

Babysitter or Parent should find activities to inspire baby to use their brain to think for example persuade baby or kids to watch news, TV, documentary and many more to discuss and talk with your baby or even exchange idea then babysitter or parent should use their good attitudes include in the story that you discuss. The idea of each person may be different and able to think is a different way but the standard of your thinking must stand on the right and reasonable which these may cause your baby become a reasonable person in the future.

Not only find new activity to inspire your baby but babysitter and parent should teach your baby to learn how to write everyday and these will develop your baby thinking and filter your baby thinking which the out come will come out from the word that baby write. Writing is the best way to train your baby to use their brain to think, to imagine, to express their imagination, to express their emotion, to express feeling and many more.

When baby know to use reason to think and thinking with their reason which these will become the first step to protect your baby and act as an armor no matter your baby received influence from the media and influence from friend which you baby will able to solve the problem or making decision on their own that result from the things that you teach your baby to use reason to think before doing something.

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