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Felt Lonely in a Crowd? or lonesome you could cry?

Below you will see a useful positive thinking to help you solve these problem

Have you found yourself wallowing in self pity because of everyone else in the entire world has someone to go out with on saturday night, except you? You felf that you are the one that sits at home on the xbox or computer and trying to distract yourself from the glaringly obvious fact, you have got no friends and let alone a meaningful intimate relationship?>
Felling lonely can be depressing and you feel empty like you are mission out. And if you have been feeling like this for a long time you might have lost the art of connecting with others. Freud explored how a person’s personality could be completely changed after an experience of loneliness. Think about that for a moment. If you have struggled with the isolation and sadness of being lonely and you are likely to do anything that you can do to change yourself so it does not happen to you again. Loneliness is that powerful. In face freud was commenting on a phenomenon widely regarded by observes of human behaviour to have existed since the dawn of time and to be common across all cultures.

In the psychological literature there are 3 types of loneliness have been identified. Psychosocial, existential and pathological.

Psychosociual loneliness is regarded as ordinary loneliness and is unrelated to patholigical loneliness which experienced by the people who are severely disturbed or psychotic. It is also unrelated to existential loneliness with the knowledge that as mortal beings that you will one day die alone.

What study found about loneliness?

  • Loneliness can be an individual feeling but can also spread through a social network.
  • A lonely person can demonstrate their experience of loneliness through closed body language and negative verbal language that leads other people to feel lonely themselves.
  • Treating people negatively can also be catching and soon a subtle spread of negative thinking and treatment spreads through a group
  • For lonely people the social world is a threatening place and they think negatively about other people.
  • Thinking negatively about people leads a lonely person to treat other people negatively often in very subtleway.
  • Not surprisingly that there is a strong associtation between loneliness and shyness.
  • When loneliness is ongoning and it has been associated with more serious conditions such as depression sleep problems, high blood pressure and increased risk of dementia in older age
  • Before long, lonely people find themselves on the fringes or even excluded from their social circle

What can lonely people do to stop the cycle of loneliness? You have to remember that loneliness is a self perpetuating state when you feel lonely and you are more likely to view the world as a threatening place and make negative judgments about others and give off uninviting signals such as body language verbal cues. Being aware of this is the first step to counteracting it.

Smile and make an effort even through you feel like retreating into a corner or going home seek out other when you have a problem rather than going it alone. Identity an interest outside work and home and develop it. Reconnect with friends and family. Call instead of texting or emailing. Learning how to communicate with other is all about switching the focus from you to the other person. Focus on the other person rather than how self conscious that you are feeling or what negative things that you imagine the other person is thinking about you.

Most people love talking about themselves and what they have been up to. You have to make your business to find out about your family and friends and a project if you will become the expert.

Gather information in a genuine way and your friendships will thrive as you respectfully nurture your relationship.

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