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Play Fantasy Sport Game at FanWars.com and get 100% match bonus on your first deposit


FanWars.com is a place that you can play daily fantasy sports game and you can also win real money and prizes from build your team to destroy the competition. Fan Wars is the world most versatile fantasy sport website that provide a great opportunity to win a real cash. When you visit Fan Wars website you can find and draft a players to build your perfect team. At Fan Wars website you can sign up and get 100% match deposit bonus for free and start challenge your frinds for daily fantasy football game. At Fan Wars website you will find a thousand game that range from NFL, NBA, PGA, NHL and CFB which waiting for you to start play a game and earn real money back to your bank account.

Not only offer a great oppotunity to earn real cash by fantasy game but FanWars also giving away FanWars Coupon Code for you which you can apply FanWars Coupon Code after you click join now at their website and you will a box to enter FanWars Coupon Code which current FanWars Coupon Code offer 100% match bonus on your first deposit. Below you will see active FanWars Coupon Code.

Compare FanWars with FaunDuel

  • FanWars.com – Fan Wars is a website that offer daily fantasy sport game that allow you to earn real cash by playing fantasy game. By playing game at Fan Wars website you have to build your own team and starting play fantasy game at their websit and if you win you will received a real cash back to your account which it is easy for an ordinary people like us to play and win a game plus get a real cash. When you visit Fan Wars website you have to sign up first by enter Name, Last Name, Email Address, Username, Password, Country, State and Promo Code at their website in order to get benefit from using Fan Wars Promo Code. For strength point from Fan Wars website is promo code which you will received 100% match bonus on your first deposit. For another strength point from FanWars website is a variety of fantasy sport game that waiting for you to play at their site such as NBA, NFL, PGA, CFB and NHL.
  • FanDuel.com – FanDuel is a direct competitor of FanWar because they are in the same industry which provide fantast sport game but they different in fantasy sport game and look like FanDuel will get benefit because they have more game at their website. When you visit FanDuel website you will find their fantasy sport game that separate into categories such as NFL, CFB, NBA, MLB, NHL, CBB and many more. For strength point from FanDuel websote is coupon for getting discount when you sign up for an account at their website and you will receive cash bonus from your first time that you sign up at FanDuel from $10 up to $1500 and above or 30% Cash Bonus on your first Deposit.

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Why Choose FanWar?

The reason that why many peopl pick and choose Fan War when decide to play fantasy sport online is because Fan Wars is a place that provide the best oppotunity to get real cash back by playing fantasy sport game. At Fan War website you will see a lot of game that allow you to play such as NBA, NFL, PGA, NHL, CFB and many more. At FanWar you can track your score and stats live. It’s really easy to win and get a big prize when you victory with their live updates. Fan Wars offer payouts that delivery to your bank account daily which it’s fast and no need to wait.

How to create Fantasy contest at FanWars.com

FanDuel Review

FanDuel is a hot website right now and there’s a few reason that why you might be searching for a review at FanDuel website. If you are the one that review and looking for a player plan with a few fantasy football leagues with your buddies or whatever you’re doing and your seasons is just over and you already had pick pretty much cont yourself out of the money for the year because of the player that you select is not performing well like you hope. If you are the one who want to get a piece of the action that you are looking for other options so that it’s a story that why many player heard about FanDuel on the radio and research online and you decide to take it in by check it out the basically pretty new to the site and these will show you on how it work and what you can expect the useful thing that you should know.

It’s depending on bonus that you have to play x amount of x amount and it’s like a poker site that you have to play with a certain amount of money. At FanDuel you can play many types for example Head to Head, 50/50s, Tournaments and Leagues. If you have a friend that are on the side as well you can play the heads up for cash. Many review say that 50/50s is good to play but it’s depend on playing type. There are a lot of player that can play for a lot of money room for a little money. You can start off by looking to play for cheap if you are beginner at FanDuel. When you can select a room you have to select your lineup but you have to stay in the line of salary for these example of 50/50s with delegate of values to all the players that’s all to based on the status of past performances so now before you get into the draft showing you have see the information which locate at the top right hand side of FanDuel interface for example Enter NFL 50/50 League (Beginner). The detail of each room will show player league, one entry per person, number of entries so far, format NFL salary cap, period of starting, entry fee and prizes. FanDuel takes a little bit off of the top for the prizes but you don’t necessarily to play any one person if you select 50/50s which you have to go and finished with the best score out of the 50 and you will save a lot of money.

Safe Picks Week 2 at FanDuel NFL

Safety pick is important and it’s the best choice for everyone now in the beginning of Week 2 for NFL. which assembling that line up 50/50 leagues. The best way of select a players is a reliability of match up potential and the record in the past. For a potential player that have a good record will make FanDuel user feel much more confident to click at n choose 50/50’s double up these contests.

Wide Receiver

For the Wide Receiver that have been recommended is Jordy Nelson, Reggie Wayne and Marques Colston. These players are the best choice for safety pick at FanDuel.

Jordy Nelson: At FanDuel he have price at $7,900 which he can passing a lot of attack so it’s make sense that he is the one that in a list of suggest for top receiving option. Nelson have posts 9 receptions with 83 yards from 14 targets. He can do the best pass in defense in the league so no doubt that he is the one that have been selected from many FanDuel user.

Another person is Reggie Wayne that have price at FanDuel at $6,200. Everyone know that he is not the best selection for Wide Receiver but his record show with exemplified by a team high by 13 targets with 98 yards last week so it’s make he in a list of safe pick at FanDuel. Philadelphia provide the best result for Fantasy Point to WR’s last year so the result in week 2 these year will be high scoring which refer from the statistic.

Third players that recommended is Marques Colston that have a price in FanDuel at $5,600 which he is reliable and efficient. Colston is a factor in Mid-Range with 50/50 style pick. There are a disadvantage from playing TD’s with New Orleans is plethora of weapons but you can assure that Colston valuable enough for you to spend your cash for him.


For the safe pick of Quarterback in week 2 of NFL at FanDuel is Jake Locker, Nick Foles and Aaroon Rodgers. We will begin with Nick Foles that have price at $8300. The reason that why he in a safe pick list is because he and do a second resurrection to in the fantasy game. For the result that may happen on these Monday night is a match up figures by back and forth shootout. Many player expected that he and fly like a Eagles on these Monday and provide the most fantasy score plus friendly game.

Jake Locker that have price for $7,400 which he is targeting on Quarterback line. He looked great in week 1 of NFL with defense 266 yards with 2 TDs so it’s not to hard to expect that he will do a great job in second week.

Rodgers from GBFor the last safety pick is Aaron Rodgers which have price at $9,100 which he have the highest price for Quarterback in the first week because he got a full performance and full potential which you can see and read from FanDuel’s Mailbag. He’s a top tier of the best quarter back in the game so no doubt that he is the most favorite quality back in Fantasy Game.

Running Back

For running back player with a safety pick list have 3 players which have Adrian Peterson, Montee Ball and Rashad Jennings.

Safe pick for RUNNING BACK playersLet’s start with Adrian Peterson that have the highest price in Fantasy Game at $8,800 for last week and he also call pro-running back because he is a top tier ball carrier. For a statistic of Peterson is 80 up to 100 yards with 1-2 TDs.

Rashad Jenning that have price at $6,700. Jenning got silver line in New York from Detroit which he have stat line up to 96 total yards with all the goal line carrier.

For the last safety pick for Running Back player is Montee Ball from DEN that have price at $8,100. From the statistic of his carry is 2.9 yard per carry which is his average. The number of his carry will surly increase in these week.

Tight End

There are two players that in a safe pick list in Week 2 at NFL. For the first players is Jimmy Garham with a price at $8,000. In the past he is number 1 in TE play and his price is not too high and also affordable. Any game that in a 8k range will select Garham because he is in the top consider for lineup spot. In 50/50 style contest, he will the a nice selection for TE position.

Kicker and Defense
Kicker and Defense
For a safety pick for Kicker game is Nate Freese in DET that have price for $4,500 which he got a minimum price range on the team with a great offense. He can be a full capable if setting him up with a variety of attempts.

NFL FanDuel Spoilers

There are two games left in the opening week of the NFL Season which you should have a pretty good idea no matter you will be cashing into a big contest of FanDuel or not. There are no many player that come out and post a huge amount of FanDuel points here. If you are the one of the teams that rostered Allen Hurns so you are sitting in a good position.

For the first week column that FanDuel Insider will spoiled the breaking down of the player by show you the best players that can have a down week for you to take a chances in GPP’s. If you are shot at the first rank and the list will highlight player which bases on overall ownership percentage from FanDuel contest.


Jamaal Charles with 19%: Charles is number 4 with the highest owned RB of these week. Their Chiefs are looked not so good against the Titans last day but there they will have better days ahead. Jamaal Charles have got 11 touches and that’s not a recipe for Jamaal Charlessuccess that can make him essentially in their play maker for their team. Charles able to manages just 5.4 FDP which is lowest output for the year of his record in this year. Charles is recommended to be the one of many top selection in week 2 and many people expecting a big bounce back performance against Denver.

Demaryius ThomasDemaryius Thomas 24%: As many player know that Demaryius is a widely considered to be the one of safer choices of this week and it’s not surprised if he can be the top scorer in this week. He can finished in 4 catches with 48 yards (6.8 FDP). Many people not concerned with Demaryius because they expect that he will be worst for the game in these big season.

Frank GoreFrank Gore 26%: There are only 3 players that have been selected more often than Gore in this week. Many people are very surprised to see Gore that have high score and people expected that he will have down year. Gore have finished with 16 carries for 66 yards and no sores with 6.6 FDP. On the other hand Hyde have finished with 7 carries for 50 yards and have score at 11 FDP which less than half the touches of Gore. Hyde have doubled of his FDP output when compare with Gore. For expectation of Gore should be come down for the next week.

Dez BryantDez Bryant 16%: Dez would make up some points in garbage time but the Niners never let he do like that because he have held to 4/55/0 line just for 7.5 FDP and he also missed a few plays plus a miner injury. So it’s look link a solid target list for week 2.

2014 Fantasy Football QB, RB and WR Rankings

2014 Fantasy Football QB, RB and WR Rankings
FanDuel just launch ranking for Fantasy Football with QB, RB and WR Rankings which updated directly from FanDuel Insider which these will help you making decision much more easier if you read these useful article in order to prepared as much as you can for this season. For the ranking that FanDuel Insider provide for players are separate into 3 categories such as 2014 NFL RB Ranks, 2014 NFL WR Ranks and 2014 NFL Sleepers.

2014 Fantasy Football Quarterback (QB)

Fantasy Football season is coming soon, are you prepare for the game now. If you are not ready for the game or you rack of information on how to pick the right players. Below will show you Quarterback ranking with top 50 Picks. No matter this information is useful for you or not but these will helping you saving your time to get prepared to dominate your draft.

1. Aaron Rodgers

Aaron Rodgers is the top 3 Quarterback and he got scoring 18 rushing TDs in 2008. For statistic of his record at 2536 yards, 17 TD, 6 Int and Comp/Att at 193/290.

Aaron Rodgers

2. Drew Brees

Drew Brees is the perfect captain which he can thrown for 5,000 plus yards and 39-plus TDs in three seasons. He may be the one who can make a huge in these season. For the statistics is 5,162 yards, 39 TD, 12 Int and Comp/Att at 446/650.

3. Peyton Manning
One of the best prolific passer but he’s not No. 1 because of his injury and his age at 38 year old. For his statistics is 5,477 yards, 55 TD, 10 Int and Comp/Att at 450/659

4. Matthew Stafford

Matthew Stafford have statistic 4,650 yards, 29 TD, 19 Int and Comp/Att at 371/634 which have can thrown at least 4,600 yards plus 20 touchdowns for last three seasons. For the record of NFL with no one can passed the ball more than he do in the last three year.

5. Matt Ryan

Matt Ryan have statistics 4515 yards, 26 TD, 17 Int and Comp/Att at 439/651 which he have a bad season and losing his rookie in 2008 he got sacked 44 times and lose Julio Jones for the last five games.

6. Andrew Luck

Andrew Luck have statistics at 3822 yards, 23 TD, 9Int and Comp/Att at 343/570

7. Cam Newton
Cam Newton
Cam Newton is a recommended players because he can play with his arm and legs which is a great option for Quarterback and now he just recovered from his ankle surgery so these will make him faster than in the past. For his statistics is 3379, 24 TD, 13 Int and Comp/Att at 292/473.

8. Nick Foles

Nick Foles have a great score fantasy points plus his special ability for reduce turnovers. For his statistics is 2,891 yards, 27 TD, 2 Int and Comp/Att at 203/317.

9. Tony Romo

Tony Romo are count as top 10 Fantasy Quarterback for the past three years which you can assure that he’s durable Quarterback for these season. For his statistics

10. Tom Brady

Tom Brady is a player that use brain to play because he always find a way to make a top point and keep better score in each season. For the prediction of these season is of Tom Brady will be in top 10 of quarterback. For his statistic is 4343 yards, 25 TD, 11 Int and Comp/Att at 380/628.

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