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FanDuel VS FanWars

What’s the different between FanDuel and FanWars

FanDuel VS FanWars

As we know that FanDuel and FanWars is a website that offer daily fantasy sport game that everyone can play at their website in order to have an oppotunity to win a prize and get a real cash into bank account. Fantasy Sports Game become popular among people who play fantasy sport game in 2014 and what is a trend in 2015?

In 2015 for Fantasy Sport Game will become much more interesting than last year so there will be a lot of competition in fantasy sport game in these years. What’s make FanWars and FanDuel different? The thing that will make these two brand of fantasy sport game become different is coupon because they provide different coupon at their website and the advantage from using coupon are totally different.


Let’s start with FanDuel because they launch their business before FanWars so they are strong and got a lot brand regonigation then FanDuel offer one day leagues with no season long commitment. At FanDuel, they go more than 12,000 leagues that open for you everyday so you can play as much as you want to play. There areover $10 million in real cash prizes that paid out every week so you can assure that you will have a chance to win the prize at their site. For strength point of FanDuel is coupon for getting double cash for the first time of your deposit which is very attractive among player yo play at their website. FanDuel offer a variety of Fantasy Sport game such as CFB, CBB, NBA, NHL, MLB and NFL.

FanWars is a direct competitor of FanDuel because they are in the same business. FanWars offer ultimate fantasy sports that you can build and select your player for your team by yourself in otder to win a real money and prizes by destory your competitor. FanWars introduct the world’s most versatile fantasy sport website which you can easily select the sport that you wanna play and compete in the contest that you want. For strength point from FanWars website is entry fees range from Free to hundreds of dollars which it’s flexible for every players to have an oppotunity to earn real cash in prize. At FanWars you will also find a variety of fantasy sport game such as NBA, NFL, PGA, CFB and NHL. For another advantage from playing at FanWar is you ca ncreate your contest by play a fex games or the whole weekend which it’s totally different from FanDuel. You can make your game private of publicand can set number of player to join your game.

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