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FanDuel NFL Week3 of the 2014 Season

Week 3 NFL 2014 at FanDuel Report by the numbers

For the week 3 of 2014 NFL in these season is not just entertaining like first week and second week but there are the last second field goals. For the most successful quarterback like Mohamed Sanu will play again in week 3. For Stephen Tulloch will ended after celebrating a sack. For important thing is report that player injuries affecting your fantasy football lineup.

Everything is not clear up at FanDuel these week because someone will be the biggest surprise. Below will show up Week 3 Edition at FanDuel by numbers.

NFL Week 3 Perfect LineupPercentagePointsSalary
QB Andrew Luck (Indianapolis Colts)19.22% Owned32.3 Points$9,500
RB Marshawn Lynch (Seattle Seahawks)5.80% Owned26.3 Points$8,900
RB Joe MCknight (Kansas City Chiefs)0.01% Owned21.7 Points$4,500
WR Antonio Brown (Pittsburgh Steelers)7.34% Owned26 Points$8,200
WR Jeremy Maclin (Philadelphia Eagles)23.39% Owned25.4 Points$6,300
WR Pierre Garcon (Washington Redskins)8.47% Owned25.3 Points$6,500
TE Martellus Bennett (Chicago Bears)12.81% Owned19.9 Points$6,000
K Adam Vinatieri (Indianapolis Colts)11.15% Owned16 Points$5,000
D Indianapolis Colts14.16 Owned17 Points$5,100
Total Point and Salary209.9 Points$60,000

With 19.22 percent that present Andrew Luck from Indianapolis Colts against Jacksonville Jaguars will be the best choice for quarterback in week 3. He got high buy in FanDuel game at >$100 with outscore at 32.3 points.

The winning Sunday with Million lineup in this week will used some players on the respective depth chars. From the record of week 1 both Kirk Cousin and Lamar Miller are on charts. Cousins can threw for the career high 427 yards and got 3 touchdowns.

For Running Back that earn high point at 26.3 points with salary $8,900 salary at 5.80% is Marshawn Lynch are the best choice for Running Back.

For the high points for Wide Receiver is Jeremy Maclin that play for Philadelphia Eagles with have high owned percentage at 23.39% with salary $6,300.

There are 33% for the optimal lineup in this week but there was consistent theme in Week 3 version. There are 3 out of 9 were occupied by spots which played for the Indianapolis Colts which you can assure to pick Andrew Luck and Adam Vinatieri and Colts for Defense.

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