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Facebook Acquires Fb.com

From yesterday Facebook has been reported to landed an invitation to the media press conference launching the new service is expected that is e-mail service that will compete directly with Gmail and now the latest news came out that Facebook has the right to use the domain name Fb.com

Back in last September American Farm Office (American Farm Bureau) has sold a domain name Fb.com to undisclosed buyers. When we look at a website whois domain ownership, then they will see that Facebook is now an administrator in the domain.

Moreover, a recent report from All Facebook said that “Now it is used internally in Fb.com”, but we not sure that what is the company really want to do. The New York Times and TechCrunch have indicated the reason that facebook overhaul the message systems because they want to open their email.

The plurality noted that Fb.com domain may be the only e-mail for employees of Facebook itself, it is because companies like Yahoo is doing the same by offering e-mail @ yahoo-inc.com. For their staff to avoid confusion with the @ yahoo.com for outdoor use offline.

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