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Everything about Master Suite

The Ornate Furnishings to the antique style and glamorous era

Everything about Master Suite

When you enter in to suite room in five star hotel and after you close the door, and walk into a private sanctuary. That is precisely the feeling that can created from master suite which can display home. The house itself is grand and the master bedroom has similarly grand proportions. It’s large enough to boast a seating area. But the view through wide doors to the bathroom featuring a large antique style clawfoot tub on a raised plinth. A tiled floor with a black and white chequerboard pattern laid on the diagonal serves to lead the eye directly to the tub which is also dramatic in black and white. The look is not servere. However the white marble tiles have grey veining that help to soften the look with character all important the design team that chose all the wall with marble tiles. The same marble that feature on the plinth. This provide a strong visual continuity and conveys an old world aesthetic.

The Manhattan vanity cabinetry

The Manhattan vanity cabinetry is similar to the kitchen cabinetry with hand painted recessed panel doors and fluted mouldings. Other special feature that enhance the glamorous look of the suite include gold framed mirrors and the chrome clawfoot legs on each tub and also have sparking chandeliers in both bedroom and bathroom.

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